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Spire U3A met at the Harnham Memorial Hall on November 13th for the Coffee morning.

The talk was given by John Elliot about the writer John Ruskin. If you think this would be a bit heavy going you could not have been further from the truth.  John Elliott entertained as well as educated us to life in the Victorian Era.

  He pointed out that it was important to find the mindset of the Victorians and forget what we know today.  He was talking of an age when industry was taking over from the mainly rural way of life.  Cities were established and travel was possible with the advent of the railways, not only within this country but abroad. Davida Bull read out a passage from Ruskin's Sesame and Lilies. This outlined the mid nineteenth century's view of the role of men and women in society. More links here and here.

  Ruskin in his writings encouraged scholars to travel to Italy and study the arts and architecture to be seen in cities like Venice. Architects borrowed the styles they saw and brought them back to Britain. The Pre-Raphaelite painters where viewed as scandalous by the Victorians but Ruskin had encouraged these young men and supported their art.

John Elliott helped us all to see how Ruskin affected the way the Victorians saw the world and showed us slides of the Architecture that we now call Gothic.

Members were reminded to purchase their tickets for the Christmas Party in December. This annual social event is always successful with entertainment and Festive Fair and an opportunity to chat with fellow members.

It was pointed out to members that more cars could be accommodated if cars were parked at an angle outside the Hall.  Also it would be better if able members left these spaces for the disabled, as parking is so restricted.

On November 27th the Science and Technology group will have a talk entitled 'Safe to Drink' by Steve Smith of Wessex Water starting at 10am in the hall.

The following day, November 28th The Archaeology Group, when Nick Griffith will comment on a film by Belinda and Jim Wade 'Archaeology in North Africa' at the same venue. 

Both these are open to members without booking ahead.

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