Archaeology Group in the U3A

Members of other Salisbury U3As may join too.
 Just ask if there are any vacancies from the Group Organiser
or ring Ann Boutell on 01722 328 469
This Group meets on the last Tuesday in the month.
The venue will be the Harnham Memorial Hall unless otherwise stated.
A Map of this venue is here

31st Jan 2006 The Salisbury Hoard by Margaret Mckenzie For a large report 10.30 am
28th Feb 2006 BULGARIA by John Parrott 10.00 am
28th March 2006 Recent Excavations at Lacock Abbey - a talk by Jane Harcourt see LINK 10.00 am
25th April 2006 The Villages of the Plain a talk by Rex Sawyer - To be rearranged for later. 10.00 am
30th May 2006

A Trip by Coach to various Archaelolgical sites including at Avebury -Report
Meet at the coach station. Back at about 3 pm. Cost £12 payable in advance.

9.30 am
27th June 2006 Sorvidunum - a talk by Mark Corney See also here 10.00 am
15th July 2006 National Archaeology Day - REPORT 10am till 4pm
25th July 2006 The Villages of the Plain a talk by Rex Sawyer 10.00 am
29th Aug 06 Visit to Danebury Hill Fort with Nick Griffiths followed by a visit to the Andover Museum to see the Danebury Artifacts. danebury REPORT 10.30 am in Car Park.
26th Sept 06

Lynn Wootten talks about Conservation and the recent work in the Salisbury Museum. Link1 and Link2

We are sorry for those who missed Lynn's talk. It was fascinating. The work of a Laboratory Conservator is obviously very laborious but , in the examples she showed us, also very exciting. The tasks of conserving and restoring a large Roman glass vessel and a 3000 year old Bronze Age shield was fascinating to watch.

Anne Boutelle.

10.00 am
31st Oct 06 Salisbury Mints - delicious - by Dr. Paul Robinson, curator of the Devizes Wiltshire Heritage Museum. Link1 and Link2 10.00 am
28th Nov 06 Archaeology in North Africa - by Jim and Brenda Wade with commentary from Nick Griffiths 10.00 am



Ann Boutell is considering starting a group that would meet weekly or fortnightly to learn about the History of Britain from 500 BC to 1500 AD under the guidance of Nick Griffiths. This would last about 8 to 10 sessions.

Anyone interested please contact Ann on 01722 328 469

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