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Yes, we all know only too well how time flies.
As we approach the end of summer I guess our thoughts turn to Christmas and winter holidays!
On the agenda for our committee meeting in October is the annual Christmas party. Do you wish us to follow the same format as last year and, if so, what entertainment would you like? Or maybe you would like something different?
Please let me have any ideas before the committee meeting on October 11.
Anne Gould

Diary Date Reminder
The Health Care Research Group would like to remind all Spire U3A members that they are invited to the unique presentation about the future of our local health services by the Chief Executives of both our local NHS Trusts which takes place at 2.0 p.m. on Friday, November 5 at the Harnham Memorial Hall.

This joint presentation will give us an insight into what changes we can expect in our local health services over the next few years. There will be the usual 50p contribution towards the costs involved.

As a matter of interest, our Health Care Research Group is creating a stir among other U3As. We have had inquiries from as far away as Derbyshire asking for advice about starting up a similar group.
Look forward to seeing you on November 5.
Eric Gould

Spatial Skills Required 'a feeble mathematician writes----'

Much as we enjoy our coffee mornings, there seems to be a consensus that socialising over coffee is not as we would like.

You check in, walk into the large room and are confronted by the notice board – good; this makes sure you can see the notices easily. Next you secure a chair, go and get your coffee, then return to your chair, or contrariwise, you get your coffee first and secondly find a chair. Whichever way you do it this is when a problem becomes apparent. Once you are seated, all you see is the backs of heads, not ideal for identifying your friends, or if they come later, you have to sit awkwardly to sit sidewise, to be able to catch their eye as they come in. Moreover, woe betides the poor new members in this situation. How can any of us welcome them with a smile through the backs of our heads?

What can we do? To turn the chairs through 180° is a non-starter. The speaker may need to use the projector. Even to enjoy good natural light from the windows, we must face away from the stage. Perhaps the noble souls who set out the chairs could put them, not in straight rows but in rows making an elongated horseshoe, it's opened end towards the projector screen. In this way, half of us would be able to sit to begin with, just for the coffee period, facing towards the entrance. Much more sociable. Then at a word from the chairman, we could turn our own chairs, as necessary, to 'face the front'

Now I know I'm lacking in spatial sense, so my idea for easier socialising may not be viable. In this case, I hope there are lots of members who could propose brighter alternatives.
Mary Poynton

It has been suggested that we should have a
For Sale and Wanted column in this newsletter.

Items for sale would need to be substantial (not a house!) but not bric-a-brac (Aunties favourite vase!). More like unwanted Ink-jet printer or a wheelbarrow that is no longer used.

Descriptions of the item would need to be minimal with only a phone contact number.

The Editor would not be involved except for including the advert in the newsletter.

Ring 01722 501218 if interested.

Articles for issue 37 please, by October 30th 2004
Sheila Read
OR by E-mail: s.read.frps@ntlworld.com

“A Challenge A Day Keeps Alzheimer's At Bay”

Sarum & Spire U3A Science and Technology Group
This group starts its new season of talks on Monday 27
th September at the Memorial Hall, Harnham.
The talk is by John Parrott and is entitled 'Matters Agricultural'
There will be a list of this years programme up to April on the Web Site and in the next newsletter.
For any newcomers, these are informal meetings open to all U3A members. The speakers are reminded that many in the audience have never studied science, but nevertheless wish to know more about scientific topics. You do not have to apply to the Course Organiser, just turn up. A small fee is payable at the door to pay for the Hall. Meetings start at 10am and usually finish about 11.30.
Should there be an outing (and one may be planned during the new season!) it helps the organisers to know you will be coming. However the last Monday in each month is when the group meets so make a note in your diary.

Archaeology Group
The trip to Silchester (as I guess everybody knows) was unfortunately cancelled owing to heavy rain at the site, but the good news IS that Roger Ayres is coming to give a talk -with many slides- to the Archaeology group on the 25th January 2005 at The Memorial Hall, Harnham, at 10pm. This will probably whet the enthusiasm of everyone for a visit next year.
Of course before this, is the arranged talk by Nick Griffiths on some aspects of Roman Life at the same venue, on September 28th

Welcome to New Members
Mrs Ann Smith and Mrs Clare Vincent. Please make yourselves known to a committee member. We have special welcoming coffee mornings so watch this space!

A Burglar was caught in San Francisco after his 73-year-old victim insisted in showing him her family photo album. He was so bored he fell asleep and she called the police!

We need Group Leaders, or should we call them Group Gatherers!
Leader implies that they know there subject very well, having possible taught it during their working life or at least taken the subject up as a hobby over many years. Nothing could be further from the truth. We may have a smattering of members who could come forward with such a background but it is much more likely that someone would like to learn a new subject and now they need to find others of like mind to share that interest.
This is where the U3A can help. No one person needs to be a leader it is a matter of gathering together a small number to discuss and exchange information to form a new group. The principle of shared learning works well and you might find there are more members interested than you had imagined. Some people need encouragement to show their abilities.
If you are looking for others who share your interest, and there is no group covering it, why not let me know and I will put the forward the idea in the next newsletter. I do not have to print your details but would be able to put you in touch if we got a response. The alternative is to put a note on the board or have the idea announced.
At the August Coffee morning an Art Appreciation Group was announced and was filled by the end of the meeting! The Editor
Become A Gatherer Today!
Photography Groups
With Digital cameras fast replacing film cameras and price ranges catering for most pockets it is the printing of the images, which seems of primary interest to U3A members. It is because of this that Peter and I find our Digital Imaging classes are often oversubscribed as we have members from all three Salisbury U3As.
We have also written an on-line D.I course for the UK and Australia. It is interactive and so participants have to send homework to us, all on the Internet. Starting in October it is already full and there is a waiting list!
The rules relating to the capture of images are exactly the same for the new digital cameras and there are advantages to acquiring a 'seeing eye' to improve ones photography anyway.
We have been running Creative Photography courses for the last three years and as winter approaches we will be finishing with the present group. They came up with a suggested title of 'Photo Forays' as we sat over lunch in a Dorset Pub! They told us that they found the trips out, such as we had just had in Milton Abbas, were so helpful. We, therefore, plan to revamp the original course and in future take a group out and about, during the summer months, to give hands-on tuition and advice. We will be starting a new group in March 2005. The starting date and details will appear in this newsletter and be announced at a coffee morning nearer the time.
        Sheila and Peter Read

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