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Looking at a very full calendar the other day with members of my family, one of them remarked: "I thought you were retired!" Life certainly seems a bit hectic at times but I sometimes wonder if those of our age group don't occasionally overstretch ourselves.
Whilst it is good for us to keep active in mind and body it is also important that we do not so overload ourselves that we promise more than we can achieve.
This may be the case with regard to participation in U3A groups as some group leaders complain about members putting down their names but not turning up to meetings. There may well be a legitimate reason for not being able to attend but it is courteous to let group leaders know if at all possible. Your group leader may have prepared material, booked a hall and so on. If some group members then don't turn up, booking a hall etc may not have been necessary, but it still has to be paid for by somebody. So, can I ask that we all check our diaries before we commit ourselves, and that we let group leaders know when we are unable to attend.
I hope that everyone is enjoying a great summer and including some time for the necessary quiet moment or two.
Anne Gould, Chairman.


Our Health Care Research Group wish to thank those members who completed their questionnaire. A total of 275 were completed and a report has been prepared on the results a copy of this report can be seen at our monthly meeting and copies are being sent to the relevant senior executives of the local health authorities.

Due to illness, the presentation by hospital senior personnel about developments in patient communication has been put off until the Group's meeting at 2.0 p.m. on Monday, September 6
th at Harnham Memorial Hall.

Non-Group members are welcome, particularly as the speakers seek feedback. It is an opportunity to make your views known. But please let Eric Gould (Salisbury 339868) know if you wish to come so that we can estimate the numbers to be catered for.

The Group has obtained something of a coup in
obtaining the agreement of the Chief Executives of the local Primary Care Trust and the local hospital's NHS Health Care Trust to give us a joint presentation about the future of our local health services at the Group's meeting on Friday, November 5th at 2.0 p.m. at Harnham
Memorial Hall. Please note this in your diary now as it will be a fascinating occasion and we need as many people as possible to come.


Historic Houses Group
Despite our leader living it up in the New World, we all met at Bowood House near Chippenham on June 7th. The weather was perfect and we strolled round the magnificent lake and grounds after first visiting the house. There were not a lot of rooms to see but we were able to photograph in the house, which was unusual these days. Below are some of the group in the Library. We can recommend a visit to you if you have not been there. It is also Grandchildren friendly with a playground and lots of open spaces to exercise high spirits, as evidenced by a Granny in our group who is a frequent visitor.

Competition Group
Am I pleased I joined Pat Crossland's Competition Group. With her encouragement I have entered scores of competitions, most only costing an envelope and a 2nd class stamp. Since my first very friendly “Get Together” at Pat's house in November, last year, I have won five prizes including a Microwave; tickets for the London Air Show and the piece de resistance this week, a brand new Fiat Punto, value £7,000.

So I am over the moon and would say if you want a very pleasant couple of hours, come along to Pat's and lets continue to Win! Win! Win!

Elizabeth Wardell


How lucky we were to have Geoff Young come along to our recent Local History Group when we were presenting "Heroes of "World War 2". He has excellent recall, and was able to relate some of his experiences as a driver/stretcher bearer with the 4th Battalion of the Wiltshire Regiment, following the Normandy landings in June 1944.
We bombarded him with questions and he in turn both thrilled and saddened us with some of his experiences. It was hard to imagine how he and his fellow soldiers could have survived with such good humour and faith from their ordeal.
He has been persuaded to write his personal account in a book "Private Young's War" which is available through The Wardrobe, 58 The Close, Salisbury.
Maureen Hughes

Historic House Visits and Local History Groups

Organised by Davida Bull both groups
visited Longford Castle in June for a rare treat. I had no idea how full of treasures this historic house is, and virtually on our doorstep too.

The guided tour was very comprehensive and it is always interesting to see a historic house so obviously lived in all year round. We were told that members of the large extended family are frequent visitors throughout the year and all felt at home there. Certainly one could see it was lovingly cared for.

The weather did us no favours that day but despite the wind and rain we were able to look round the gardens near the house and admire the view of the River Avon, which runs along side the formal garden.

The Editor.


Archaeological Group
A very good meeting took place on the 29th June, with 30 people attending. Archaeologist Bill Moffat gave an interesting talk about Sorviodumum (Roman Salisbury), answering many questions and telling us how we could help to extend our knowledge of the town.
Further meetings, with some amendments:
July 27
th Visit to Rockbourne Arrive for 10.30am.
August 10
th Visit to Silchester Arrive for 10.15am in th car park.
September 28
Talk by Nick Griffiths on some aspects of Roman Life.
Meeting at Harnham Memorial Hall at 10am as usual.
Members are asked to share transport on outings, with passengers contributing to the cost.
Anne Boutell
See also the web page

Notices from the U3A National H Q. 'Bits and Bobs'

Our Secretary, Margaret McKenzie, receives these notices throughout the year and posts them on the notice board at the coffee mornings. For those who missed reading them, space permitting, I will include them in the bimonthly newsletter. They will be in the form of headlines so if you require further information please contact Margaret at a meeting or by phone. The Editor
    • National Cookery Network is available on the National U3A Website (www.u3a.org.uk)
    • NEW- National Handbell Ringing Network. Here is a local co-ordinator, Tom Coombes, living in Britford Lane!
    • Poole U3A are organising a holiday in South Africa for 16 days in October 2005.
    • There is an information leaflet of guide lines for anyone organising Package Travel
    • Also an information leaflet on Legacies.
    • Information is requested on any Metal Detecting group.
    • Information also on any Food or Nutrition groups.
    • The current total number of U3As is 533 with a membership of 131,879.

Articles for issue 36 please, by September 3rd 2004
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