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ISSUE No. 30 ~ http://www.salisburyu3a.org.uk ~ SEPTEMBER 2003


As the energy sapping heat of the summer gives way to cooler times we can all approach the future with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. It is also the time to express thanks to all those who have made our new group programme possible in the true spirit of U3As.
As Group Co-ordinator, Peter Edginton has done a grand job and those supporting him by acting as group leaders are to be commended but there is no room for complacency. We still need many more members to come forward as group leaders so as to provide an even more vibrant and varied programme of activities.
Thank you, too, to those members who have responded to my appeals for help in filling vital roles in the running of Spire and in the wearing of name badges at meetings. Ray Smith has kindly agreed to act as our Auditor but we still need members to come forward to fill the posts of Secretary, Treasurer and Group Co-ordinator - all shortly to become vacant. Without members filling these vital roles we just cannot function. If you cannot undertake one of these tasks yourself why not try to persuade a fellow member to come forward? They may be ideal for the job but lack the confidence that your encouragement may well provide.
It was a welcome sight to see some members wearing name badges at the last meeting - this was much appreciated. Let us all endeavour to do the same so that the present minority following this lead become the majority. How rewarding it is to be able to put a name to a face!
Peter Read has worked hard to produce a web site for us and for the other Salisbury U3As. The web site links the three Salisbury U3A sites with the national U3A site and can be accessed at: www.salisburyu3a.org.uk At present our recent press releases and newsletters are being reproduced on our site and if any member does not want their name or telephone number to be repeated there would they please advise Peter accordingly. I have agreed a policy with Peter that no telephone numbers of members are to be included on the website without their permission.
Lastly, I have much pleasure in once again extending a warm welcome to all new members and hope that they will soon feel able to take an active role in running our U3A.        
Anne Gould Chairman

Welcome to the new members

Brian Leadbeater Philip and Gillian Williams Brian Hills


Digital Imaging

We have been running two groups, A and B, on Fridays since January on DI. Both groups have alternated with the two Photography groups. Some brave souls doing both! Now one group has dwindled to a small number so we are stopping this one and starting another in October. This will start back at the beginning again with advice on getting a picture from the camera, digital or film, on to the computer and then go on to various ways to manipulate the image and finely to presentation.

This new group will be every four weeks starting on October 3rd, then October 31st and so on, from 10am to Noon.

Creative Embroidery

As mentioned in the last newsletter, this group will meet monthly, on the Wednesday afternoon following the monthly Coffee morning i.e. the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The first meeting is, therefore, September 10th.


It should be made clear that when accepting a lift by car to a U3A outing, such as Village Visits outside the Salisbury area, the driver should receive some recompense. In my experience this is offered without prompting but we have a number of new members who may wish to have more details.

So much per mile plus petrol is common practice in other societies. This amount is divided by the number of passengers including the driver.

If a fixed rate is established both the driver and the passengers know where they stand before the journey takes place, so avoiding any embarrassment on either side. Some U3A members may feel they can afford to be generous but unhappily every one is not in the same boat.

This is where you come in. Please let the editor know how you feel about a fixed rate to include petrol, say, at 30 pence a mile. On enquiry this seems the going rate and including the petrol makes for simpler maths! How do you feel? Do you think that fixing a rate is too dictatorial?

Suggestions please via e-mail.

Hope This Makes You Smile


'Keeping pace, Older Women of the East End'

With the use of oral testimony, visual art and personal memorabilia this exhibition featured local women who live in the locality and their remarkable lives.

Hugh Thomas sent in the following account of just one of those women.

"Marga lives in an alternative commune off Brick Lane with sixteen young people from all around the world, who she says, keep her young. She is approaching 85 and her children are trying to persuade her to move, but she won't hear of it. With few responsibilities and freedom to come and go as she pleases: she enjoys her life too much to change it.

Marga is a very fit and active lady. She makes sure she gets out for a two-mile walk at least once a day. She regularly goes circle dancing, swims in Hampstead ponds, and goes on adventures to unknown destinations on the No 8 bus route.

As well as meeting with friends and e-mailing she makes computer paintings and attends Quaker Meetings.

She has many visitors from abroad and likes to travel herself. Last year she went on holiday to Martinique with friends from the community. This year she is going to Australia and Africa for family weddings.

Our thanks go to Hugh for sending the above for the newsletter. How many of you thought you lived an active life until you read this? Editor!

Be a Friend – Name a Chair

The Friends of Salisbury Cathedral have launched themselves on the enormous project of replacing 1,800 chairs within the Cathedral – at a cost of £125 per chair.

As a member of the Friends of Salisbury Cathedral I asked our Committee how they felt about SPIRE U3A sponsoring a chair and they agreed I should put this small piece in the newsletter. Do members think this would be a good idea?

Please make your views known to any member of the Committee as to whether you would like to make a donation to name a chair. Would group leaders like to pass the message around, as some, perhaps, do not see this newsletter at the September meeting.

Thank you Shirley Reeves.

Articles for issue 31 please, by November 1st 2003

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