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ISSUE No. 29 ~ http://www.salisburyu3a.org.uk ~ JULY 2003

Greetings to you all, especially to our new members. How time flies - we are already halfway through another year and past the longest day. However it is down to earth again when I see that the main item for our next committee meeting this month is planning the Christmas Party! On a serious note, nobody has yet come forward to offer help following my appeal for an Assistant Treasurer, to take over as Treasurer next year. Nor has anyone yet responded to the appeal for members to replace our Secretary and our Group Coordinator - who are giving up next year. It is essential to our survival that these vital posts are filled and so please give careful consideration as to whether you can help in any of these capacities or be able to help in any other way. In any of these positions it is such an advantage to have a handover period. Please talk to me at the monthly meeting or give me a ring on Salisbury 339868 if you feel that you might be able to help and so ensure our continued success. Following our last AGM several members asked for further information about our finances including the amount of the capitation fee that we pay annually to our national body - the Third Age Trust. We pay £2.50 per member per year to the Third Age Trust and next year will endeavour to provide a little more detail in the financial statement. One last request. Please can we all try to remember to wear our name badge at meetings - it is so helpful to others, particularly to those of us who have difficulty in remembering names!

Anne Gould, Chairman.

Welcome to the new members who have joined since the last newsletter.
David and Catherine Callard, Rita Johnston, Molly Lewis, Robert Atherton and Cindy Thake


The Garden Visit Group
Due to the very limited visiting times for the Scented Garden the July and August visits are reversed. On JULY 8th we visited the Scented Gardens. PLEASE NOTE Bennetts Water Garden and Abbotsbury, Weymouth will now be on AUGUST 8th. Meeting at the Ticket Office 10.30am

Margaret Hooper

Have a Good Read
We continue with our years varied reading and enjoy discussing, arguing and often disagreeing over the month's choice of book. For example we have just finished a thriller, 'Drowning Ruth' by Christina Schwarz. We are now reading a novel by Piers Paul Read called 'Alice in Exile', set in Russia. Our July-August choice is 'Samuel Pepys' by Clair Tomalin. All books are paperbacks or can be ordered from the Library. Sheila Quaddy

German Group 2003/4
Tutor Mary Poynton is unable to start classes until after Christmas, but would be happy to hear from potential members earlier. Times to be arranged at mutual convenience at her home on the 55-bus route. All standards available, from pronunciation of wine labels, or Schubert's lyrics, to advanced texts. Ring: 01722 334341

Creative Embroidery
As the leader of the embroidery group has retired we are starting a new group. The initial meeting will be held at 12, Chiselbury Grove, Hamham on Wednesday September 10th. We will discuss what methods members wish to try and then the meetings will be held in various members' homes. Sheila Read will help from time to time but Evelyn Beach is the group leader and co-ordinator. Ring:01722 322096
THE EDITOR NEEDS YOUR INPUT. The above are from friends who kindly answered my cry for help. CONTRIBUTERS DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON THE COMMITTEE.

Walking Group

2002/2003 session was somewhat clouded by the illness of our leader, Pauline Wade, which alarmingly (because she is, to me, indestructible!) kept her out of action for three months. As another member of the group was afflicted in a similar manner but for a longer period, somewhat depleted numbers assembled around Colin, who nobly undertook the organisation of the rest of the group until February when Pauline was nce more back with us. Illness serves as a reminder of how lucky we are to be able to meet up in this way every month, even in the very cold and bleak circumstances of that February walk when for the first time I was glad to get home, put my feet up and drink hot soup. April's walk, by contrast, was conducted in what amounted to summer weather, with primroses, four varieties of butterfly and the surprise of startling an owl from it's resting place when we sat down for our mid-moming break under a well-placed group of trees with a view. My pleasure in these monthly walks is undiminished, even familiar walks offer something fresh to see and new members are always welcome with a faithful core remaining that it is always good to see again. My advice, usually addressed to myself, is 'Do it while you can!'
Iris Finn

A Cautionary Tale

I wish to remain incognito but would like to tell the story of a 'fellow' member who joined Pat's Competition Group. Though no longer a member he still has that competition urge! A phone caller stated he had entered for an electric scooter and an appointment had been made for a demo; the implication being he could win the prize if he answered some questions correctly. The day arrived and at 4pm, as arranged, the gentleman came in carrying a large pot of Chrysanthemums and an iced cake with Congratulations written in pink icing. Having sat down the questions began, such as our ages and how long we had lived in the house etc. All went well till he asked how far we could walk. My husband said five miles. I was very tempted to say twelve but decided to be honest and said the same. With incredulity he stated that neither of us needed an invalid scooter and asked if we knew any one who did! He informed us the presentation took three hours, which in our case was a waste of time, but insisted that we try the scooter out. The 'winner' can confirm it was very easy to drive! He left us the cake and flowers though, and set off to see the next potential winner. Be warned if your partner still has ambitions to win competitions, who knows what he may win. The cake was nice and the flowers will be planted in the garden to remind me that one day I might regret not saying I could only manage a short stroll.


Full details can be found on the National USA website at http://www.u3a.org.uk/~courses/online/


These have 8 Units in which the participants needs to work some 3-5 hours each week, in collaboration with each other and the tutor.
BIOGRAPHY & JOURNALLING starting on 7 July (last applications on 30 June).
CONTINENTS ON THE MOVE starting on 7 July (last applications on 30 June).
These are both Australian courses but information and application forms are on our UK web site.


A Pilot course.
This will start with an Introductory week on 7 September. Eight Units will follow from 14 September at two weekly intervals except the last which will be issued after Christmas on 4 January 2004.


Pilot course.
This starts with an Introductory week on 21 September, and the last Unit is issued on 16 November.


This starts with an Introductory week on 28 September, and the last Unit is issued on 23 November.


The Units of the last three courses above will be available for downloading during the run of each course. The material can be used for individual study or by Group Leaders. The complete course of each of the following will be available for Downloading from 7 September.

ITALIAN ART 1400-1600

Course Frameworks will be online from September. These are topics suitable for group study but in note form only. Suggestions are given on how to search the web to fill out me details. The first is DEVELOPMENT OF LIGHTHOUSES. No fee.
The fee for downloading is £5 and for a tutored course the fee is now £10.
Online courses take a great deal of preparation and time, and the Third Age Trust holds the copyright. They must not be circulated without permission.

Articles for the 30 issue please by Ausust 29th 2003
Sheila Read

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