Spire University of the Third Age


Calling all Group Leaders! Will you please let Peter Edginton know when you have a vacancy as we have new members looking to join groups.

The new leader for this group, Margaret Hooper, took over the role by inviting every one to an excellent luncheon at her house. Coffee was served while plans were made for each month. This took some organising, even involving phone calls to find out dates and times of opening, but plenty of suggestions were made and Margaret kept us at it till dates were fixed right up to the end of this year.

Where possible visits will be on Wednesdays but not necessarily in the same week each month, as this proved impossible to organise for all the different venues. Members of the group have the list of visits and this will be available at the coffee mornings, so that any Spire members wishing to join a visit with the group may do so. It is worth checking arrangements beforehand in case of unexpected changes in plans.

The first visit was to Kingston Lacy to see the snowdrops. As it is only open for nine days each year for this purpose, we were lucky to have dry weather.

The April visit is on Wednesday April 30th to Exbury, nr. Beaulieu, meeting at the ticket office at 11am.
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Creative Photography Group
        As arranged, we will be starting this group on Friday April 18th 2003 but NOT in the morning to start with, as we have another group still with us. Therefore we will begin at 2pm and finish at 4pm. If you are able to let us know you have heard or seen this change of time it would be a great help.
Do not forget to bring you camera!         Sheila and Peter Read

A Tourists Prayer
Grant us the strength to visit the museums, Cathedrals, houses, villages, and if, perchance, we skip an historic monument to take a nap after lunch, have mercy on us for our flesh is weak.

The Chairman has received details of this scheme from the CVS and is passing the information on to Spire members as follows :-
There will be 10 to 12 members to every Community Car.
Members pay a joining fee of £25, and an annual membership fee of £100 for use of the car.
A booking fee of £2 Usage will be £2 per hour plus 20p per mile.
There will be an upper age restriction at 75.

Salisbury U3A Sundial

  The sundial in St Thomas Square has won a Civic Award. You will remember seeing the certificate at one of our coffee mornings, and as it is to be shared with the other two U3As it was decided to find a spot where every one could see it now it has been framed. Phyll Babb, who was instrumental in arranging this millennium project from the start, tells me that to begin with it will be in the covered notice board outside the Guildhall. The Sundial is certainly in a commanding position, and can be seen from the High Street Gate. ED.

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