Charity Ref. 400/379/98 

On 22nd February 2007 the Historic Houses Group led by Davida Bull met in heavy rain outside St Thomas's church. Here we had to shelter until a funeral was completed. It turned out to be that of Dr Fell. After this we entered and gathered by some pews whost Davida read out to us about the dread scandal of the killing of a Bishop. He was chased from the Canonry up to the village of Edington [subject of a Village Visit recently]. Here he was dragged from the Priory and hacked to death. The perpetrators were later hanged drawn and quarterted. The leader of the group a Mr Cade was given further ignomy of having part of his body hung in the market place as a warning.
It seems that the Church held a huge amount of power over the city. Naturally this irked the top families in the area. Eventually they rebelled against this tyranny. And again one at least was held in the Tower of London. He was John Halle whom we 'met' on our last visit to the Odeon cinema in January. Within the church there are remnants of these doings even now such as a merchant mark as well as other interesting items.

We took great interest in the DOOM painting. We noted the good side and the evil side. We saw the beckoning devil beckoning people on - he has his foot over the edge of the arch.

One of interest to people researching family trees is the book of Remembrance which lists every soldier from Salisbury who died in WW1. It gives many details of each man who fell in any part of the conflict such as their parents names and address.

Bishop's Mill sluices
1 inch gingerbread man
The group sheltering and waiting for the funeral to end.
The DOOM painting
The DOOM painting detail
The tudor roof
Beckhams tomb
The Salisbury Book of Remembrance - blank for the 22nd February as yet.
The records of the WW1 containing all the soldiers names.
Model of the church.
ch St Thomas's Church
Stained Glass
Jane Eyre's tomb
Merchant mark on column
chancel Note the Choughs
The High Altar
The Church cafe
Tomb cartouche
Side Chapel Altar
Wooden memorial
Detail of altar
Wooden memorial
Wooden memorial
Heraldic symbol
Wall painting in side chapel
Carving on pew end
View from lectern in side chapel
Nave lectern
Pulpit carving
View of old Salisbury
After the tour of the church we walked to the Haunch of Venison pub in Minster street. A great meal was had by all if a trifle expensive for us. We saw the shrivelled hand.
Frank and Sue entering the Haunch.
Davida and Sheila entering.
A painting over the mantle piece and Frank.
Frank and Sheila in deep conversation!
St Thomas's from the Haunch window.
St Thomas's churchyard
My pudding.
The Poutry Cross from the Haunch.


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