Historic Houses Group

Visit to the Odeon Cinema, New Canal, Salisbury

on 18th January 2007

The Members waiting to get in.
Over the entrance
Furniture in the Hall
The eastern outside wall of the Hall
The Hall
The way through
Looking north to 4 centred archway.
Old door in east wall
Roof detail
Windows east wall with John Halle's
West wall windows showing John Halle
John Halle's merchant mark
Now showing.
The kitchen roof
The stairs up from the old kitchen area and Carol Tompkins our guide.
In the refreshements area with Sheila and Joan.
Tapestry in Cinema No. 1
Tapestry in Cinema No. 1
Tapestry in Cinema No. 1
The Hoi Poloi's entrance from Catherine Street
The Ticket Booth
In cinema 2
In what was the Cafe.

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