Village Visit to UPAVON on 3rd & 10th February 2005
When we visited on the 10th the weather was overcast and windy,  This made for chilly conditions even though the temperature was 8 or 9 deg C.  We met in the Antelope Inn for coffee and then with Pat, our guide, we went to St Mary's Church.  This struck one as colder inside than outside.  The church was full of interest as can be seen from the accompanying gallery.  Click here to see them all.
We then went around the village starting with the Old School built 1854 for 50 children.  Boys left when 9 whilst girls left at 12.  It is hard to believe that in that small school there was room for three teachers and 70 children.  A new school was built in 1957.
A little further is the playing field which was the site of a Priory.  An ideal place for Time Team.
We progressed through the churchyard past a Master Thatcher and over Upavon bridge to the Old Bakery now a Pottery with a diversion to the Old Rectory.
Back tracking we observed the Reading Room and Triangle House.  At this point Pat told us about a hero of hers Henry Hunt a colourful character involved with the Peterloo Massacre and having several wives and mistresses.   He was born nearby and later owned Widdington Farm.  Died in 1835 and buried in Alresford Hampshire.
On to the Graveyard where there are many graves to airmen from the earliest days of flying for it was here that the RFC was founded.  There was also a fascinating memorial to women who fought during two world wars.
Town End is the oldest area of Upavon and here there are many thatched cottages especially along Jarvis Street.
After Jarvis Street we turned right into the High Street.  Here again there are many listed buildings some of which are thatched.  And so back to the Antelope Inn to thaw out and have a well deserved drink and a meal.  A thoroughly worthwhile morning.  Our thanks to John Hawkins for organizing this trip.