The Salisbury U3A Village Visit Group travelled to both these places an 2nd April 2009. The day was cool but wonderfully sunny.
First we met at the Trusted Servant pub and had tea and coffee and ordered lunch.
Then we all went to the Eling Tide Mill.Here we were guided round the cramped mill that was working well. There are various photos attached.Back to Minstead church where Commander Dom Young was patiently waiting for the group to return from the mill.
Then he told us how the curious church was built over the centuries. He was especially proud of the graves.
They included one with the word Faithful was chiselled out. This was referring to the husband who was found out after his demise.Another had a Serpent instrument carved on it to indicate the burial of a bandsman.
Further on we saw Arthur Conan Doyle's grave and then the grave of one of the leaders of the Berlin Air Lift operation in 1948.
Rex Air Commodore RNWaite.
After this we repaired to the Trusty Servant for lunch. A splendid day.

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