3rd April 2008 visit was the last of the season.

Organised by John Hawkins and we were guided admirably by Jill Howes.

The route we took is shown on the frame called Map.

The weather began with bright sun but we soon lost this and so the photos are a bit dull at times.

agoodstart_small.jpg towardsjubileegarden_small.jpg cranbourne_0004_small.jpg jillhowes_small.jpg
explaining_small.jpg map_small.jpg thecran_small.jpg towardsthechurch_small.jpg
theoldgranary_small.jpg grugs_small.jpg tregonwell_small.jpg theclose_small.jpg
cranbornemanor_small.jpg cranbornemanordetail_small.jpg theavenue_small.jpg cranbourne_0015_small.jpg
cranbourne_0016_small.jpg ropewalk_small.jpg pennymead_small.jpg fridaysheron_small.jpg
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