Salisbury U3A Village Visit to Goodworth Clatford took place on the 3rd January 2008.

We were guided by 2 gentlemen Richard Oehlenschlager and George Dowling..

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George told us the story of the flying bomb that fell in 1943 killing 7 people 4 of whom were evacuees from London.
The St Peters Church room where we met was lovely and cosy on this very cold day was built in 1996 using bequests from the Copner and Bibras families and money raised in the village - a total of £120,000.
The River Anton runs through the village that still has 2 pubs, a shop, a PO [but only just]
and a Village Club founded by Sir Alfred Yarrow in 1923. There are several marvellous quilts and canvas work within.
There was a canal in 1792 that was superceded by the Sprat and Winkle railway line in 1812.
This lasted until 1964 when it was subjected to a cut by Beeching.
The Church has some fine and very large oil paintings of religious scenes.
The Riverside Project
is worth a visit in the spring and summer.

Many of these scenes are pictured in the gallery.

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