Science & Technology Group

The group meets on an informal basis on the last Monday of the month at the Harnham Memorial Hall, Watersmeet Lane, East Harnham, Salisbury at 10.00 am
unless otherwise stated.
There is a small charge of £1.00 to cover the cost of hiring the hall and paying our lecturers.
There is no membership of the group required.  Just turn up.  Members from any U3A are most welcome.

The Sci-Tech Conference Visits

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Title of Event


24/09/2018 New Forest - Forging of a Landscape - Water Meadows History Dr Hadrian Cook
29/10/2018 Aerial Archaeology Dr Martin Kellett
26/11/2018 Carnivorous Plants - see his YouTube News HERE Oliver Lower
28/01/2019 Air Pollution - Interview Dr Matt Loxham
25/02/2019 Adverse Environments - see his Biography HERE Prof Mike Tipton
25/03/2019  Bubble Acoustics  Prof Timothy Leighton  More Info
29/04/2019  Global Ageing  Dr Nele van der Wielen     Photo
20/05/2019 APOLLO 11 mission 50th Anniversary  Deep Sea Hot Vents apollo 50 Patrick O'Donnell Salisbury & Dist U3A Dr Jon Copley
24/06/2019 Great Bustard Group Visit    MAP    Click HERE if you wish to come Lynne Derry click here if you wish to come
    Edited on February 6, 2019
You can print the programme from this link

As with many activities there is a Website that covers Science & Technology.

How about looking at the following?

CAFE SCIENTIFIQUE a Forum for debating science issues, at SALISBURY RUGBY CLUB, CASTLE ROAD on Tuesdays.

Meetings are free and open to all. Doors open at 7.00pm when the bar and Café will be open for light refreshments before the event which starts at 7.30pm

Or see their web site or Calendar

South Downs Planetarium & Science Centre

There is a Planetarium in Chichester, West Sussex. It was officially opened in April in 2005. Tel. 01243-774400 Its website is:- www.southdowns.org.uk/sdpt   It has easy wheelchair access to the Star Theatre. If you are within striking distance it is a great venue for a trip. Or if you are visiting the area. Would anyone like us to organise a visit?

Click Here to see a fascinating web site with audio talks on many scientific topics. Super.
The Institute of Physics have lectures locally on topics of interest.  For the latest click on this link

ietThe Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has a series of interesting talks and visits. Click Here


Here is a list of lectures that may be of interest to you. Click HERE and have a look.

GEMS for Inquiring Minds HERE    From Rick Swindell in Australia.
Royal Institution has the Ri Channel that has the very best science videos on the web.
The Royal Society too has some wonderful video lectures HERE

The National Physical Laboratory have some excellent videos HERE

Contacts: Peter Read, Janet Pengelly, Aslaug Abbott and Ken Carley.
To see last years programme click here


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