From 16th to 19th August 2011 50 U3A members from across the country gathered for the annual seminar at Mulberry House Abergavenny.

9 talks were heard from members and 2 trips made.
Information about 5 of the talks can be seen from HERE

One trip to St Fagans, Cardiff.

Second trip to Bristol's Science Museum. Full of kids really enjoying themselves.

These are just a few pictures of mine. Since I did not go to St Fagans I am showing pictures of the things I saw instead.

Link to the Science & Technology Annual Seminar site

abergavennyu3a_small.jpg thecastle_small.jpg inside_small.jpg saddlersshop_small.jpg thestores_small.jpg
thestores2_small.jpg abergavenny2011_0052_small.jpg abergavenny2011_0053_small.jpg abergavenny2011_0054_small.jpg abergavenny2011_0055_small.jpg
partishowchurch_small.jpg fathertime_small.jpg text_small.jpg roodscreen_small.jpg abergavenny2011_0068_small.jpg
cwmyoychurch_small.jpg cwmyoychurch2_small.jpg abergavenny2011_0072_small.jpg abergavenny2011_0073_small.jpg theaisleview_small.jpg
abergavenny2011_0080_small.jpg croquetset_small.jpg stables_small.jpg barn_small.jpg view_small.jpg
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