Local History 1 Group

Martin Green's Museum at Down Farm,near Sixpenny Handley

September 2003
The photograph and text on this page are by  Margaret McKenzie
 They are her copyright
It's amazing who you meet when you join Spire U3A.  When the Local History No.1 Group visited Martin Green's Museum at Down Farm,near Sixpenny Handley, (remember his talk to us some time ago on  Monday morning?) who should be there but Julian Richards of 'Meet the Ancestors'.  He was preparing a 'dig' for some school children.  He was very interested to talk to us and didn't seem to mind having his photo taken with a group of wrinklies - indeed he was keen to know how U3A worked not because he is anywhere near retiring but because he would like to prepare an internet learning package about archaeology.  So we may get a chance to virtually sit at the master's feet.
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