10 years and one day after Spire U3A was started we had a party on the 9th June 2008. The day was glorious and hot. We had to sit in the shade.

About a dozen of the original 50 members were present and a photograph was duly taken of them.

Our Chairman John Wort kindly allowed us to use his front garden. It proved ideal especially since it has plenty of shade.

Thank you John and Vicky.

spire10thannivparty_0031_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0030_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0028_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0029_small.jpg
spire10thannivparty_0034_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0039_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0040_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0033_small.jpg
spire10thannivparty_0032_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0037_small.jpg thearchive_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0041_small.jpg
spire10thannivparty_0052_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0053_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0054_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0055_small.jpg
spire10thannivparty_0056_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0057_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0058_small.jpg spire10thannivparty_0059_small.jpg
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