Charity Ref. 400/379/98
September 2004
Spire U3A
On September 13th Spire U3A met at the Memorial Hall Harnham, for the coffee morning.

Peter Read who had stepped in as Chairman, gave out various announcements. These included such items as the Science and Technology group meeting in the Hall on September 27th, when John Parrott would be talking on 'Matters Agricultural'.  Also at the same venue, on September 28th the Archaeology group will meet to hear Nick Griffiths talking about aspects of Roman Life.

Chris Dickson came from Salisbury U3A to say there where a few spaces in some Salisbury U3A groups and Spire members were invited to join.  These included Bridge, Ballroom Dancing and a Choir, which meets in Wilton on a Monday afternoon.

The speaker was Sir Christopher Benson.  His talk was entitled 'On Being High Sheriff'.  First he gave us details of his very interesting professional life. Starting out in the Fifties in London he soon became involved in Property development with the Arndale Company and was responsible for the Dolphin Centre in Poole.  Later he saw through the Canary Wharf development in London and subsequently is involved with the London Cross Rail Link of which he was able to bring us up to date.
As Chairman of Boots PLC he has travelled all over the world. He told of the staff being offered 10% reward if they came up with an idea, which saved the company a large amount of money.  It seems one lady did just that by suggesting how a rubber band should be used.  She received £10,000 Reward!

Apparently the position of High Sheriff has been in existence for one thousand years.  The post was established to form laws and control the people for the King or Queen whom he represented.

Sir Christopher has visited many schools to talk about his roll as High Sheriff and shows the children the regalia he wares on state occasions.  He has found the pupils from four to eleven are a delight to talk to and show great interest.

At the end the members asked questions, which covered topics, heard daily in the media. 
Jennifer Bowen will be the speaker on 11th October talking about the Harnham Water Meadows.

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