Charity Ref. 400/379/98


The coffee morning for Spire U3A was held on July 12th when the speaker was Lt Col Ray Aldis whose talk was entitled 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' This title could have put members off, but yet there was a packed hall. Some members commented afterwards, that learning more about the different types of weapons took away some of the fear. He explained the differences between nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and also touched on the advances in traditional weapons. Although the subject of the talk was serious, Ray Aldis presented it in a way that was easily understood, and members concluded that it was important to keep a sense of proportion when listening to the news on the media and took comfort from his words. In the lively question and answer session at the end it was clear that members appreciated what he had to say.

At a previous meeting 275 members filled in a questionnaire about their experience using the local health amenities. This was organised by Spire U3A who set up the Healthcare Research Group. A copy of the result of this survey was available for members to see and the Chief Executives of the local Primary Care Trust and local hospital's NHS Health Care Trust are to give a joint presentation to the group in November.

The speaker at the next Coffee morning on August 9th will be Brian Dicker whose talk is entitled 'Butterflies'

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