Charity Ref. 400/379/98
November 2004
Spire U3A

November 8th saw another busy monthly coffee morning for Spire U3A. Anne Gould said that there would be some surprise entertainment and the usual good food to welcome the start of the Christmas Season at the next meeting on December 10th.

There were various notices about groups such as Village Visits, Garden Visits, and the monthly walk. There where only a few seats left for trips to Bath and Newbury Theatres organized by Salisbury U3A but no doubt there will be more in 2005.

Canon David Durston gave the talk for the morning on the Chancellorship of Salisbury Cathedral, a position he held for eleven years. He explained the role of Chancellor began in the Royal Courts, where they were keepers of the Royal Seal, wrote the letters and advised the King on matters of law. Eventually the role spread to Monasteries and Cathedrals as well as Universities and, of course, Government. Education was their primary role at a time when few could read and write including courtiers.  The Chancellors were keepers of the books and manuscripts.
Now the Chancellor plays a large part in the day to day running of the Cathedral with weekly meetings where detailed planning for the week ahead as well as future plans are discussed.
It was an interesting talk much appreciated by the members.

The combined Salisbury U3A Health Care Research Group had a successful meeting this month with guest speakers from the Health Care Trust. Another combined group, The Science and Technology group, will meet on November 29th for a talk on Crystals given by Dr. Laurie Irons one of our members.

The Archaeology Group has a meeting in the Harnham Memorial Hall on November 30th when Martin Wright from Salisbury Museum will be the speaker.

The newsletter is in the U3A folder in the Library and on the Salisbury U3A web site. For membership information please contact 01722 321731

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