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PRESS RELEASE SPIRE U3A July & August 2005

Spire U3A meetings in July and August were held as usual on the second Monday in the month at Harnham Memorial Hall.

The usual notices of walks and visits along with coach trips were announced and some Group Leaders were able to notify their members of any changes. Chris Dixon from Salisbury U3A said that they had a number of groups that could take Spire members to fill the places and the list of subjects had quite a number of members looking for a place.

Jean Lunnon gave an interesting talk at the July meeting on George Herbert the poet and hymn writer. He was a member of the Pembroke Family and we learnt how this prestigeous family were to educate him in the ways of the aristocracy and the historic facts and politics of his age. He was a sickly man and was eventually given the living of Bemerton where he continued to write poems. He described the walk into Salisbury as being 'heaven on earth'. That would be before Churchfields was there! Members enjoyed hearing facts which some last heard at school yet happened in their own area.

The August speaker was Dominic Couzens with a talk entitled 'The Secret Life of Birds'. He was excellent adding wonderful bits of humour whilst telling us so much about the behaviour of the birds in our gardens. The robin, for instance, has a red breast that in bird life is like wearing a T-shirt with the words Buzz Off! Like the U3A birds flock only with strangers not kith or kin. Except for the Long Tailed Tit who unusually flock with their extended family. So they are the only species whose teenagers spend Christmas with their parents! We will never look at them in the same way again! He writes books for the RSPB, beautifully illustrated and showed slides to illustrate the passing seasons and how they affect the birds. Every one would have enjoyed it if he could have continued for another hour.

The next meeting of Spire U3A is on September 12th when the speaker will be Major General Dixon whose subject will be St George's Chapel, Windsor.

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