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Spire U3A met at the Harnham Memorial Hall on September 10th 2007.

The speaker was Jenny Stevens, Curator of Andover Museum, who specialises in Iron Age archaeology. Twenty years ago it was thought this part of our ancient history, discovered by archaeology, had yielded all there was useful to know but since then a lot more has been discovered.

Danebury Hillfort, named after 'dun' meaning hill and 'bury' meaning fort, is one of 4,000 spread across Britain and dated from about 475BC and which was abandoned about 50BC.

Situated at the top of the hill it was surrounded by ditches possibly used as enclosure for stock initially. Grain pits and round houses were eventually built and even grain stores on stilts. The surrounding ditches were deepened and cleverly designed to stop other tribes attacking the site.

241,500 bones were discovered, mostly sheep bones. Other animal bones showed an insight into those for eating that were young and those that were old like cattle kept for breeding stock or milking.

Andover Museum has a large collection of finds from Danebury Hillfort and everyone enjoyed hearing Jenny Stevens talk with the accompanying power point presentation.

This talk was of particular interest to the Spire Archaeology Group who had recently had a walk over Buxbury Hill and learnt a lot about our ancient ancestors farming techniques.

Short notices included Sarum U3A who has spaces available in their Ballroom Dancing group. The usual walk notices for the coming Thursday and another Digital Imaging for Beginners group starting in October.

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