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Spire U3A meeting on February 12th 2007 started with notices about various groups and attention was drawn to the notice board for outings arranged by Salisbury and District U3A where there were spaces for members.

On Monday, February 26th at 10.30 am in the Hall, the Science and Technology Group will have a talk given by Phil Copley on the Periodic Table with simple demonstrations. 

Both these meetings are organised by Spire but open to all U3A members.

The talk was given by Jan Sanders, paying a return visit, but this time talking about her 'Romanian Experience' Her visits over the last ten years have been for SHARE a voluntary aid group set up to help villagers in the remote parts of Romania were conditions are terrible.  She takes simple medicines and gives advise to the villagers.    Travelling in a mule-drawn cart most of the time and living with them in squalor, washing her clothes in ice cold streams and sharing their very basic food in the bitter cold.  She gives medical advice but there is little she can do without even the most basic hygiene.  Education is available but there are no books, pencils or paper for the children other than those items she can take on one visit.  A children's hospital in Bucharest was about to be closed and she raised, with other nurses, enough to keep it going.

Jan told harrowing stories of life in Romania and how she could not see much improvement in the future because of corruption.  She showed slides of some of the conditions the children and people lived in and the local medical staff who helped her.  Not a happy subject but she managed to have us laughing with her humorous tales of her experiences in Romania.

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