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Spire U3A met on October 9th in the Harnham Memorial Hall.

Members were asked to book their place for the Christmas meeting on December 10th when there will be the usual entertainment and a festive lunch.

A notice was on the board about a meeting of The U3A Joint Health Care Research Group in the Hall on October 20th at 2 pm.  Christopher Wayne will be giving a talk on the work of the governors and operation of the Salisbury District Hospital National Health Foundation Trust.

On October 31st The Archaeology Group will also be holding a meeting in the hall when the curator of Devizes Museum, Paul Robinson, will be talking about 'Salisbury Mints' not the sweet kind!

Another joint activity is the Science and Technology Group.  Held in the hall on the Last Monday each month and the next one will be about Brickmaking in Alderbury from one of our members David Neville.  There will be a film [in DVD form now] and some original artefacts.  The date is 30th October 2006 at 10pm.


Sonya Woolley titled her talk 'The Second Oldest Profession' and most members were not sure what to expect. However it turned out to be a fascinating talk telling of the history of the Salisbury Playhouse, which this year celebrates the 30th Anniversary of it's opening.

Previously there was a theatre in a converted Methodist church in Fisherton Street. During the war it was used by ENSA and then the Arts council took it over and called it The Arts Theatre. It was a Repertory Theatre with a change of play each week and the actors and all the staff rehearsed the following weeks play all day and the current play was on stage each evening.  The Playhouse is one of only a few remaining Repertory companies in the country and now there is no longer a weekly change over and they tend to exchange productions with another company for a season or have visiting players.

The Old playhouse roof leaked and the orchestra pit had duckboards because of rising damp and in the end it had to be pulled down.  The money to build the new Playhouse was raised by the citizens of Salisbury.

Sonya told us of her career in the theatre and the work she does at Sarum College to help students to project their voice as well as every week of the year recording all pages of the Journal to send out to the disabled of Salisbury.

There is not enough room here to report all the interesting times she talked of and despite the hard work her enthusiasm for that life was obvious.

At the next meeting on November 13th John Elliot will be talking about John Ruskin.

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