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Members of Spire U3A met in the Memorial Hall Harnham on September 11th for the monthly coffee morning.

Another trip for those interested in Archaeology has been arranged to Avebury as a number missed the last one. Again Nick Griffiths will be there to lead the group round and point out various features of this great circle.

There were a number of new members in attendance and it was pointed out that there were activities shared between the three Salisbury U3As such as the trip mentioned above that makes for a wide range of interests for members to take up. 

The speaker was John Ericson who gave a most entertaining talk entitled 'Visual Illusions: Can You Believe Your Own Eyes?'  He placed a sheet of paper on each chair numbered from 1 to 12 so we knew we were going to have to do some work!  Some of the illusion images he only showed for a couple of seconds before asking us the question; some he left on the screen whilst we wrote the answers. He then went over our results. It illustrated the different aspects of 'eye-brain' interaction and how this can affect our appreciation of art and other pictorial forms such as advertising.

The Adelson Illusion was one of the illusions he showed seen on this LINK

Or the even more surprising Rotating Circles even though nothing is moving seen HERE and below

And this from Professor Gregory's site (qv). Note he will be giving a talk in Salisbury on 8th November on 'Optical Illusions and Perception' at the Cafe Scientifique. See LINK

It was noted some time ago (Gregory 1973) by a then member of our laboratory, Steve Simpson, that the mortar lines of the chessboard-like design of tiles of a café wall in St Michael's Hill, near our laboratory in Bristol, appear not parallel as they are, but to converge markedly in alternate-direction wedges (figure 1)

More details about this illusion is to be seen In Professor Richard Gregory's site LINK

He put over a most thought provoking talk with great humour and members went home challenging their self-belief.

The next meeting is on October 9th when Sonya Woolley's talk is entitled 'The Second Oldest Profession'


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