Charity Ref. 400/379/98


December 12th was the date for Spire U3A to start their Christmas season. Salisbury U3A Bell Ringers were invited and began with a medley of Christmas tunes. One of our own members, Davida Bull, bravely came to their rescue when one of their team failed to turn up. This was followed by a singsong of Christmas tunes for every one to join in. There was a surprise item at the end. It was a skit on Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs but in this case only one Dwarf! It was very funny and in every sense a pantomime! This was followed by an excellent buffet with wine available. Everyone was able to chat with friends and get to know new members.

The last meeting on the second Monday of November had a change of speaker, Margaret McKenzie stood in at the last moment and gave an interesting talk entitled 'The Three Countesses of Salisbury'. We found out that the first Countess in the eleven hundreds, Ella Deverell, lived at Sarum and at Clarendon. Followed by the second countess Alys Montacute and the third was Margaret Plantagenet. They led such complex lives.

The next meeting is on the 9th January 2006 and is a lecture from Ron Burrows about 'The Magistrate in the Community'.

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