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Newsletter No 86

May 2013

All Saints Church Harnham Using your Camera by ZB

All Saints Church Harnham Using your Camera by ZB

From the Publicity Office

Welcome to the new Edition of the Newsletter
I hope you have been enjoying the better weather, but probably by the time you read this we will be back to the usual grey and drear!
Last month, the AGM was very well attended and it was followed by the amusing Nude but not Rude talk given by Jane Arnold. I think she had a few of us a bit worried at the beginning! The previous month Joyce Bowden with her memories of Salisbury Operatic Society now renamed Musical Theatre Salisbury was riveting. How many of us were aware of the costs involved in putting on such a programme.
We now look forward to the new year of speakers beginning with Hugh Bernard CBE and Smugglers and Smuggling.
This month I have to report closure of some of the groups, which is very sad. Jack Shore has finished his Opera Group, which he has run for many years,when members have listened to 90 or so operas. We are very grateful to Jack for his involvement in running this group. The Play Reading Group has also finished due to lack of numbers, but Maureen Davidson would be happy to assist anyone who would be willing to breathe new life into a similar group. We also thank Maureen for her work with this group.
It has been suggested that the monthly meeting fee, which is to cover the costs involved in hire of the Hall and cost of the Speakers as well as coffee should be increased to £1. All costs seem to going up at an alarming rate and the committee is concerned that we are currently running at a loss. Where else could you get a cup of coffee and a biscuit as well as an interesting talk and a chance to catch up with friends and acquaintances for such a small sum. We are also asking whether you would like to have your copy of the Newsletter on line. This would reduce costs and enable us to get the newsletter to more members, through group leaders. There is the added advantage that you would be able to see the pictures in colour. We are trying to collect email addresses from everyone who has one. We appreciate that many members do not have a computer and there will still be printed copies available for them at the monthly meetings. Please let us know your feelings on these issues and any others, such as which subjects you would like to see having a group.
Zelah Bysouth (zjbp@btinternet.com) (01722 330307)


From the Chairman

It was good to see so many of you at the AGM.
Just a reminder – we do hope you will be able to join us at

The Joint U3As visit to the
Salisbury Museum
Tuesday 18 June 2013
Cost £6.00
This is an exciting exhibition of a “prominent and prolific twentieth century artist on the British scene between the wars.” It is also a very good opportunity to meet Members from Sarum and Salisbury U3As. There are two sessions from 10.00am-12.30pm and from 2.30pm-5.00pm. Tickets will be available at the next meeting. Either see me at the meeting or email me – ayesha.nickol@dsl.pipex.com.


We have a new venture! Sarum and Spire U3As are working together to plan Outings. If you know of somewhere you would like to visit within a travel time of two hours, do let me or Jenny Watmore know. Jenny has very kindly joined our Outings Sub-Committee.

We would like to ask members who are willing, to receive NEWSLETTERS by email. If you are happy to do this, please would you give your email address to Jackie Mundy as you come to the Monthly Meeting. If you are not on email and know you are not going to be at a Monthly Meeting when the Newsletter is produced, we would be happy to post it to you, if you give us a Stamped Addressed Envelope.
Gillian Gailey, Chairman of Salisbury and District, Jenny Mawer, Chairman of Sarum and I went to the U3A Founders’ Lecture in London, given by Eric Midwinter, a resume of which is reported in the Spring edition of Third Age Matters. It was extremely well attended by Members from all over the UK. I sat next to an interesting scientist from Yorkshire.
As I said at the AGM, I am so grateful to everyone who contributes to the smooth running of Spire. It is really appreciated.
Ayesha Nickol


From Peters’ Album

Meeting of Bath and Wiltshire U3A’s at Rowde on 21st March 2013

The meeting was attended by chairmen, secretaries and speakers secretaries from twelve U3A’s in the Region, the meeting being chaired by Len Haysom. A wide range of subjects were discussed. West Wilts U3A (700 members) had taken part in the Trowbridge Arts Festival and this had proved to be a good way to introduce the U3A to the general public. Spire U3A (270 members) had planned to celebrate the Jubilee by having a Garden Party but the weather rearranged the venue to the Harnham Memorial Hall! A joint venture of the three Salisbury U3A’s is being planned with a visit to the Rex Whistler Exhibition at Salisbury Museum in June 2013. Warminster U3A (487 members) were running a ‘Memory Course’ and were having a talk on the ‘Frome Hoard’.

Pewsey Vale U3A (237 members) which was started three years ago had had the experience of the whole Committee resigning at the same time! This had been resolved by having three chairmen, each to serve for a short time. They had found a brilliant Webmaster who had set up a great website and things had improved. Salisbury and District U3A (439 members) had celebrated their 25th Anniversary and had compiled a ‘History Book’ which had been handed to each member. They were about to launch their own website which would be linked to the present Salisbury U3A website. Barbara Lewis, the National U3A Chairman had spoken at their AGM earlier this year. Kennet U3A (500 members) had over 50 groups. Subscriptions had been increased last year. They had spent too much money on their newsletters and they were now planning a Year Book which would give information on the Groups and they would be sending e-bulletins to their members to keep them up to date.

Pewsey U3A had quarterly talks, monthly coffee mornings and did not subsidize their groups. A large number of their members received emailed newsletters. Pewsey were hoping to start a computer buddy scheme to help members to get better use from their computers.
Bath U3A (1500 members) had over 100 groups which created much admin work. They were trying to energize their U3A and subscriptions were discounted if they received their newsletters via email.

Westbury (142 members) were a young U3A and had 20 groups. They had started having computer buddies and had obtained a laptop for which they had obtained a grant. Members received their newsletters by email. They were finding it difficult to appoint a chairman.
Devizes U3A (600 members) have bi-monthly meetings attended by approx. 70 members and monthly coffee mornings. They have many ex-aviation members and were planning to start an aviation studies group and were also hoping to set up a ‘memory’ course.
Sarum U3A (377 members) had removed their waiting list and now met in St Francis Church, their previous venue having burnt down last year. Some 150 members attended the meetings. They had computer buddies helping members and they are having a big display of group activities in May 2013. Phyl Babb has been placed on the U3A’s National Roll of Honour and Sarum Group was very proud of her for all the hard work she had done for the U3A. Members were still working on the ‘Shared Learning Project’ with Salisbury Museum.

We had a brief talk from the Chair of the Shared Learning Project who was collating what the various U3A’s were doing. Barnstaple was producing a booklet on food and drink in North Devon. Salisbury was working with Salisbury Museum checking items in the Archives. Devizes was working on information relating to Lacock Abbey. Bath was looking at Cemetery Chapels. Cheltenham was working with the Gloucester Wildlife Trust, and so forth ...

The Speakers secretaries then had a discussion on how to find suitable speakers for U3A meetings. The majority planned to spend £40 to £50 per Speaker in fees and possibly travel expenses. One speaker’s secretary had to consult her committee as to whether talk was acceptable and this was proving quite difficult as this caused delay in booking the Speaker. Another secretary had a list of members who could give a 15 minute impromptu talk should the speaker not turn up. Probus could be approached for a list of suitable Speakers and Age UK could also be approached with reference to Speakers.
The next Regional Meeting will be on October 4th 2013 at Sturminster Newton.
Aslaug Abbott and Ayesha Nickol


Card Making Class

Please note: there are still some vacancies for this class.
If interested ring Christine Blaney on 01722 349 683.

Ladies that Lunch

From Sue Cooke
We meet once a month.  We usually get 2 course for under £10 
In the summer we go to places outside of Salisbury. This is where the bus passes come in handy. The best place to eat is Bournemouth college .At Christmas we had 5 courses for £15. I can be contacted at 01722 417052 


This group has been meeting monthly since October 2004. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each winter month and usually take the form of a detailed look at the life and work of a particular artist or artistic movement. This involves the group’s members in “homework” to enable everyone to contribute to the discussions. These are coloured by the wealth of written and illustrative material available. In this respect the library of the U3A resource centre has helpfully provided us with videos and DVD’s. In recent meetings we have been hugely enjoying Kenneth Clark’s classic “Civilisation”.The group has made occasional visits to galleries and other places of artistic interest. Our discussions around the arts scene in general, with which meetings always begin, enable members to relate first-hand experience of current exhibitions or indeed anything of artistic interest.
Our 70 meetings to date have at least enabled the group to cover a small part of this large subject.
Mervyn Scamell

Bungling workers made a terrible spelling error when they erected a sign for an historic Welsh bridge. The yellow sign for the Grade II listed "Whelsh" Bridge in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, was supposed to alert divers it was closed. A spokesperson for National Grid said: "The typo was noticed by our workers upon arrival at the bridge on Sunday. However, we thought it would be better to put it up than not - so we could at least advise road users what was going on.
I thought the second spelling error was even more hilarious

New Members

We are very pleased to welcome New Members again this month.
Mr Richard and Mrs Jan Watkins, Mrs Nan Musgrove, Mr Geoffrey Allen, Mr Ian and Mrs Heather Hobday, Mrs Heather Collins, Miss Madeleine Wilson, Mrs Jennifer Wylie and Mr Malcolm Plummer

Patient Participation Groups

All Surgeries now have Patient Participation Groups, who normally meet every few months or on line to help make known the wishes of patients as well as highlighting issues of concern, such as access issues and other problems. In my own practice we have been involved with updating the waiting rooms, getting chairs with arms for the less mobile and trying to get some control over the notices on the noticeboards, which are a bit like Topsy and keep growing!
If you think you could help, please speak to someone in your practice. They are looking for younger people to get involved, so if you have children or grandchildren who might be interested in helping, please let them know.

Gift Aid

H.M.R.C. had introduced a new procedure for claiming Gift Aid -
If you are a tax payer and interested in helping swell the funds in this way, there is a form attached at the end of this Newsletter, which should then be returned to Bernard Crossland

May Sudoku - Easy


Back Up Your Data (by special request!)

I'm going to concentrate here on backing up your data (in which I include documents, photos, videos, music, contacts, favourites and so on), because that's your top priority. Should your hard drive die, you can reinstall Windows and your applications. You can't reinstall your tax records or your pictures of your grandchildren. It’s sad but true that most types of backup method are subject to media decay and the inevitable progress of technology change (remember Sony Betamax!). Your best defence is to make sure you back up your data in more than one device, REGULARLY – put a note in the calendar. Some common storage options are described below.

A small, USB flash drive like the one pictured above is the cheapest and most easily usable storage device. For example, a Scandisk 16GB USB stick will cost you £14 in PC World (storing up to 4,000 songs or 5,000 photos). You could even use a couple of them to increase redundancy, but they will not last forever.
An external USB hard-drive will provide more storage space (typically 500GB), and cost you more (£75-£100). External hard drives often come with software that allows incremental backups, but it is not straightforward to retrieve individual documents or photos from such backups. You do not have to use their proprietary backup software of course – just use them like a large USB storage drive. Hard drives will fail eventually, not surprising really as they spin at 7,200rpm!
An external, cloud-based or hosted backup service like Google Drive or iCloud (not Dropbox – they are hosted in China). There is a basic amount of storage offered free (~5GB typically) and more can usually be purchased on a subscription basis. Your Internet Service Provider may also offer external storage (Virgin and BT do). I myself would not store very personal information in the Cloud.
CDs & DVDs. This used to be a popular backup medium, and while still useful, and may provide you with enough storage capacity, each disc can only hold ~600MB or ~7GB respectively.
Windows Backup and Restore. Your operating system will also offer a backup and restore capability. This can be set to backup automatically each day, providing a complete copy of all your programs and data to an external hard drive for example. This is useful in the event of your PC hard drive failing, but not so easy to retrieve individual files that you may have inadvertently lost.

Make sure you label your backup media carefully, and put it where you can easily find it again!

PS. I have just saved this to my Google Drive account as well as my PC, so I can access it from anywhere!

May Sudoku Solution


Les Hankinson - Pearly King and Queen


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