Newsletter No 85

March 2012 Spring Edition

Camellia    Chris Edwards

From The Editors Desk

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Newsletter.

I love this time of year where the spring flowers are bursting forth, daffodils and crocus are in bloom along the green areas beside our roads and on the roundabouts. I particularly love the Polyanthus which are glowing in my garden now and will give their colour and beauty throughout the year. It is amazing that such small things can give you such a lift after the long dreary winter. Let us hope for a better summer this year, so that we can enjoy being outside.

April brings the  AGM. We are still desperately in need of a Treasurer. If you have a little spare time and could help by taking on this post the committee would welcome you with open arms!

Please remember that your subscription of £10 becomes due at the next meeting. Could you also ensure that your standing order- if you pay by this method, is up to date and set at £10.

We have enjoyed some splendid speakers over the past year and I found the one about preparation and displaying at the Chelsea Flower Show of great interest. Wendy Howden and her friend gave a very graphic picture of all the hard work and dedication involved in the two years it takes to come to fruition. The end result was superb and has probably made many of us wish for some of the skills she possesses. Maybe it has given us inspiration for our own gardens- I know mine needs masses of inspiration!

Early Christian Art, Religion, Politics and Witchcraft, Bishop Wordsworth and Dragons gave us perhaps a slightly different slant on Religion in times gone by, whist the Canal boat painting, Studio Theatre and Conservation on Salisbury Plain all fed the imagination. Let us hope for such inspirational talks again in the coming year.

Zelah Bysouth  (

From Peter’s album- The Wobbly Font

Group News

The Canasta Group is not operation at present

SARUM U3A croquet

There are a few vacancies left in the SARUM U3A croquet group (open also to Salisbury and Spire) for the 2013 season which will take place on Wednesday afternoons from April 3rd to September 25th inclusive at the sports ground near Skew Bridge in Wilton Road. The cost, payable in cash, is £10 to join for the season and £1 each time you play.

If you would like to attend as a visitor (once per season), from Sarum, Salisbury or Spire U3As, and see if you want to join, please come and pay £1 on the day.

Any enquiries please to:- Margaret White  01722 320806

Wednesday Water Colour group

Those of you who have come to the Christmas lunches and seen our exhibitions will, we hope, have enjoyed them and will have got an idea of the topics we cover and the range of our abilities.  Wide in both cases.  Some of our members have sold paintings; others are strictly Sunday afternoon artists.  Last year our topics varied from monochrome to butterflies, from terraced housing to line and wash.

What is not apparent from the exhibitions is something of the atmosphere of the group.  It is both individualistic and co-operative.  We have no tutor.  Members take turns to choose a topic for us to focus on for three weeks, do a bit of research, give a short introduction and lead the critique at the end. Within that topic area, we each choose our own composition and interpretation, using sketches, photos, books and imagination.

Our organisation is co-operative too. We have key holders for the hall; bookings and painting timetable organisers; members responsible for payments, attendance sheets and the all important coffee rota.  This committed and supportive approach contributes greatly to the relaxed and confident atmosphere in which, we like to feel, we both enjoy our painting and strive to improve.

Wine Appreciation Group

Our group meets in Wilton, usually on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2.30.
We meet to enjoy wine and socialise. None of us are experts. We taste 7 wines which may have a link (e.g. same country, same grape, unusual grape etc.) We never spit it out!!
Normally I give a short talk about the wines while the group wait patiently for me to finish! We tend to get more lively and talkative as the afternoon progresses!
In addition to the tastings we visit local wineries and vineyards and have the occasional party or meal out.
Unfortunately our group is full at the moment as numbers are limited by the size of my kitchen table.
Frank Woodward

New Card Making Group

Thursdays Mornings 10am- 12 Fortnightly at my home 92 Essex Square, Harnham and 5 people. Contact Christine Blaney Tel: 01722 349 683

If any item has been missed from this, my apologies. I have had mega computer problems Hopefully now solved

Possibly a New Species--EVOLUTION !!

I think the comments for this new species are quite good, and fitting.!!!!! They are referred to as ‘Homo Slackass-Erectusa’.Created by natural genetic downward evolution through constant spineless posturing and spasmodic upper limb gestures, which new research has shown to cause shorter legs and an inability to ambulate other than in an awkward shuffling gait.

The "drag-crotch" shape also seems to affect brain function. Expect no eye contact or intelligent verbal communication.
History shows that this species mostly receives food stamps and full government care.

Unfortunately most are highly fertile..

Computer Hints & Tips       If in doubt – Right Click!

Many early computer users employed keyboard shortcuts to save time; for example pressing the CTRL key and the C key copies any selected text. Then along came the mouse – with a single click there are so many more possibilities to help you.  You’ve probably noticed though that there’s more than one way to click it.  There’s the primary click you do with your index finger, and there’s a secondary click that you do with one of your outer fingers - this is known as the right-click. (Why? Because right-handers rule! Pressing right-click brings up a handy menu of shortcuts right in the place where you need them. The items on the lists change depending on where you are and what you’re doing  - the computer knows just how to help you!  For example, I can select text in a document, right click, and a whole range of options is open to me – Cut, Copy, Paste,  change Font, look up Synonyms (in the Dictionary to make sure I have the right word), and even translate.  In a Microsoft Word table, right-click and you’ll be able to do all sorts of table formatting, directly from the right click shortcut menu. For example, you can insert and delete rows, columns, and cells, add borders and shading, and adjust the width of the table. Likewise, in Microsoft Excel, you can format cells with a right-click. The exact commands you see on the menu depend on where you click in the spreadsheet.  When you right click a file on one of your folders; you can you can click Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, or even click Send To,  to copy a file directly to another location or email it to someone. 

Right clicking gives you added speed and convenience.  Give it a try. 


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