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Spire University of the Third Age


ISSUE NO 74   MAY 2011



Spire U3A held its AGM on Monday April 11th

and the following members were elected as your new committee.

Chairman Sandra Barrett 01722 324 555

Vice Chairman Andy Poole 01722 501 218

Treasurer Shirley Reeves 01722 501 130

Secretary Aslaug Abbott 01722 716 995

Membership Secretary Jackie Mundy 01722 321 731

Group Co-ordinator Bernard Crossland 01722 333 401

Publicity Secretary Joanna Woodd 01722 323 447

Speakers Secretary Pat Crossland 01722 333 401

Committee Members Ayesha Nickol 01722 334 547

Stuart Robson 01722 334 310

Web Guru Peter Read 01722 501 218


Sandra Barrett is in her last year as our Chairman. To prevent a repeat of the previous situation, it is imperative that everyone begins to think about her successor. As Sandra said at the meeting we are a warm and fun committee to work with, so please consider nominating yourself or a friend, who will only need their arm twisting gently.

The Annual General Meeting held on Monday 11th April approved that the Membership Subscriptions be raised to £10.00 single and £20.00 for a couple as from April 2012

New Committee members are always most welcome and the Chairman would like to see you queuing up.

Please welcome the following new members

Mr Michael and Mrs Christine Brocklebank,

Mrs Hilary Corfield, Dr Sandie Egan,

Mr Alan and Mrs Sue Haddock

Mrs Margaret Kerr, Mrs Carolyn Mayell


The increased subscriptions were approved by the Membership. The last increase was in 2005, when the subscriptions were raised from £5.00 to £7.50. I am sure you will agree this has been good value for money, and I trust you will agree the increase continues to provide excellent value. If you have a Standing Order, please would you advise your Bank of this change as from next April. An “Amendment to Standing Order Authority” form is available if you so wish, or you can just notify your Bank accordingly.

Thank you Jackie Mundy (Membership Secretary)


Joint Event for our three U3As

Thursday 30th June 2011

I am pleased to let you know that in Spire, we have sold our allocation of tickets for this Exhibition and the lunch. I hope you will all enjoy the day

Ayesha Nichol


If you want to join a group please contact the Group Leader.   If a group is full please ask to go on a waiting list, or, think about starting your own group.  This can be advertised on the notice board and in the newsletter.  Let me know if there a subject you would like to see covered by a group.  I will compile all your contributions for inclusion in a newsletter article.

Bernard Crossland

Two new groups:

1. Bridge for Fun  Thursdays   2.0 - 5.0 pm     

Contact:   Margaret Raymont on  01722 710295   (Max 12)

2. Flower Arranging    Monday   2.30 = 4.0 pm   

Contact:  Christine Powell  on  01722 335482  (Max 8)

Bernard Crossland

Tea Dancing continues to meet once a month.

BUT as from October they will meet on 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

Using your Digital Camera

Peter and Sheila Read are starting a new course of four sessions for those who would like to learn more about using their digital cameras. These sessions will be on 3rd June, 1st July 29th July and 19th August at 10.00am and will be held at their home in Harnham. Tel. 01722 501 218

When the weather is fine, they will be going out so everyone can practice all they have been taught.

Members are expected to bring their cameras, with fully charged batteries; also the instruction booklets.

It is expected that everyone will have fun

Peter and Sheila Read

Sci-Tech Group has a meeting as below

23 May 2011

Waste Recycling

Sarah Cundy

I will be talking on the work Wiltshire Wildlife Trust carries out to promote waste minimisation.  This looks at Resource efficiency and the 3 R’s ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ as well as the research into Food Waste.  I have also been asked to explain a bit on plastics recycling, looking at the kerbside collection service that is in operation within the Salisbury area, and detailing where it goes to.  I also hope, technology permitting, to show a short video of the plastic bottle recycling.

2 arranged visits

27th June 2011

Visit to The River Bourne Community Farm

Jane Wilkinson


From 10am to 12.30pm a guided tour concentrating on Animal and Land Management.

Coffee and Cakes £2.50.

Address is Laverstock Nursery, Cow Lane, Salisbury,SP1 2SR

Their web site is HERE


29th July 2011

Butterfly Walk

Arthur Bryant

A walk of 3 miles to see butterflies on the downland near Charlton All Saints.


I hope you find the new list of speakers interesting. 

In September I shall start work on getting speakers for 2012 - 2013.

Your preferences and recommendations will help enormously.  Looking back over the last eight years we've covered a wide range of topics and interests.  Are there some you would like to revisit?  Please let me know anytime by phone or e-mail at  ' bernard.crossland@ntlworld .com'

Thank you Pat Crossland


Southampton University is looking for volunteers who have looked after a family member or friend who has recently died of one of the following:-

Cancer of the breast, colorectal, or lung. Heart failure, stroke, or.

Chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD). within the last year.

If you are able to help, please call Elizabeth Thompson 023 8659 8228


Once again a big ‘thank you’ to Mark Wilson for providing the photographs for the front page ‘What is it?’ I am sure you all recognised the Magna Carta. This historical document housed in the Chapter House, is soon to be better displayed, along with much more information and history explaining its importance and relevance for us today.


This is a story of a very interesting encounter, which occurred in Salisbury Cathedral a few weeks ago between one of our Cathedral Guides, a lady of mature years and with much experience of handling people, and a visitor from an English speaking overseas country and his wife. The gentleman and his wife had just commenced a tour of the Cathedral with our guide when she noticed that he is still wearing a hat. She takes a convenient opportunity to quietly say to him “gentlemen usually remove their hats when they come into the Cathedral”. The gentleman and his wife looked at each other for a few seconds before his wife said quietly “he has just recovered from a very serious brain tumour operation and is embarrassed about the scar across his head, which the hat neatly conceals”. He then carefully removed his hat saying quietly “please take a look at my operation scar. “ At this our guide replied “I would if I could but I have macular degeneration and my eyesight is so poor for close up that I would be unable to see your scar”. The gentleman was quite saddened to hear this and said, “well I think this calls for a hug” and the two hugged for a moment before moving on. He then said to her in a very gentle manner “will it be alright if I put my hat back on now?”

Mark Wilson

Articles for the next Newsletter please, to be received by me, Joanna Woodd

They can be sent to 94 Harnham Road, SP2 8JW, or email joanna@cwoodd.wanadoo.co.uk

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