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Spire University of the Third Age

ISSUE No. 73      www.salisburyu3a.org.uk   FEBRUARY 2011




Your committee has decided that the format of newsletter needs to change. As from now there will be a monthly or bi-monthly news sheet, which will detail information about changes to the scheduled programme on your membership cards, and hopefully an article from one of the many group leaders. This way we are all able to learn more of what is offered in our various and numerous groups.

E-mail addresses – if you have an e-mail address, could you please let Jackie Mundy know, as if we are able to communicate via the internet, it is faster and will save the cost of postage.

Future Meetings February, all members will be given formal notice about the AGM and a reminder about membership subscriptions for 2011

The March meeting will no longer be Group Presentation, instead there will be an illustrated talk on ‘Crop Circles’ by John Bannister.

The April Meeting will be the AGM, when it is hoped there will be ample time for ‘any other business’. Do come with your suggestions, comments and all contributions. Following the AGM Peter Read, our photographic expert, has kindly offered an Audio Visual Display, which I know will be most impressive.

Speakers Pat Crossland has already had several suggestions from U3A members, and the year’s programme is almost complete. Thank you to all those who have contributed ideas.

Tea Dance Opened in January with a dancing start, thoroughly enjoyed by all those who dared to discover what would be involved. It caters for beginners and those more confident; it includes the formal waltzes, quicksteps, foxtrots, to ban dances, where energy is required for the Gay Gordon and Veleta. If you want to keep fit, try this, it is cheaper than a keep fit club, and you are with friends.

Groups Can all group leaders let the membership, and or committee know of changes, developments and important events within the groups, as they are central to the heartbeat of the organisation.

Mark Wilson kindly supplied the photo of the Cathedral font for ‘What is it’

Articles for the next Newsletter please, to be received by me, Joanna Woodd

They can be sent to 94 Harnham Road, SP2 8JW, or email


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