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Spire University of the Third Age



ISSUE No. 68 www.salisburyu3a.org.uk MARCH 2010.


TREASURER Shirley Reeves 01722 501 130
SECRETARY Jenny Watmore 01722 501 130
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Jackie Mundy 01722 321 731
GROUP C0-ORDINATOR Bernard Crossland 01722 333 401
PUBLICITY SECRETARY Joanna Woodd 01722 323 447
SPEAKERS SECRETARY Margaret McKenzie 01722 714 685
COMMITTEE MEMBERS Judy Jeffrey 01425 652 124
Mike Ritchley 01722 331 719
WEB GURU Peter Read 01722 501 218

COFFEE ROTA Eileen Forder 01722 333 405



Spire U3A still has no chair, and it has become increasingly difficult for your committee to continue offering you a good service, without such a person, to guide, direct and govern the meetings together with the numerous activities.

Our AGM is to be held in April, and there will be other officers’ posts which will need filling, otherwise we really will not be able to function and offer a service

The following positions need your serious consideration.

CHAIR We have been without a Chair for over a year now, and if we want to be an efficient and happy organisation, we need a willing volunteer to offer their services

SECRETARY. Jenny Watmore is stepping down, having offered a wonderful service over the previous years. She writes numerous letters, keeps us informed about other U3As, and obviously manages the minutes and committee meetings.

SPEAKERS SECRETARY . Margaret McKenzie, well, what will we do without the fascinating and most interesting speakers Margaret has organised for our monthly meetings? We all owe Margaret a huge debt of gratitude.

COMMITTEE MEMBER Judy Jeffrey has been very active, and brought enormous energy to the meetings. You will remember that it was Judy who organised the Hog Roast amongst many other things.

Now you will realise the shortage we are all facing, so YOUR help is needed. Please think about offering your services. We are a happy committee and always supporting each other. So we are looking forward to working with you.


You will all know that we have a waiting list now, and at the time of writing it stands at 10. Obviously we would like to welcome these people, but due to the size of the hall our numbers are restricted for safety reasons.


In the light of the above Jacky Mundy, The Membership Secretary writes:

Membership of Spire U3A is due on 1st April each year. Your membership will be available for you until the end of April, but after this your membership will cease, and your number will be allocated to one of the people on the waiting list.

Membership is £7.50 made payable to Spire U3A, and cheques should be sent to:

Mrs J Mundy, 17 Bishopdown Road, Salisbury SP1 3DR

Thank You.



Letter from Pauline Wade

‘Thank you all – past and present members for your loyalty, support and friendship during my eleven years as leader of the above group. Your interest and company gave me so much pleasure, and may you go forward to many more happy days. Pauline


We are again holding classes on photography every four weeks during the summer. Starting on March 26th, we ask you to bring the instructions with your camera, and we will start by making sure you know how it works before planning the following classes.

We like to go out on various outings around Salisbury to spend the time getting hands on tuition for the different conditions, you might come across and helping with composition, Should the weather not be suitable classes are held at 12 Chiselbury Grove, Harnham

Please let us know if you would like to attend by either speaking to us, or phone 10722 501 218

Thank you Sheila and Peter Read


Cleverly photographed by Mark Wilson, I imagine you all guessed



If you are wondering whether you already have digital TV, or wonder if you are eligible for help with switching over. We have a large number of the BBC’s ‘Switchover leaflets, which explains all the help that is at hand.

Could group leaders take some copies for those less mobile members who attend their courses.

Thank you


Subject details Times & Venue Contact details


Canasta 2 - 4 pm various Mon Tom Ridout

56 Barnard St 01722 322 917

Computer help 10 – 12 3rd Mon L Irons

Howstean, Portland Ave 01722 325 307

Conversational French 10 am weekly Ron Moore in members’ homes 01722 505 663

Mah Jong ( Basic) 2.0 pm weekly Jane Davis

in members’ homes 01722 326 579

Opera for Beginners 2.0 pm last Mon Pat Crossland

12/14 St Edmunds Church St 01722 333 401

Playing simple music 2.30 pm 1st Mon Malcolm Simmons

2 Upper St, Harnham 01722 335 199

Science & Tech 10 am 4th Mon. Christopher Penfold

Harnham Memorial Hall 01722 325 220

just turn up Peter Read

. 01722 501 218



A good Read 2.30 pm 2nd Tues Glenda Scott Members’ homes 01722 327 150

Archaeology 10.30 am last Tues Margaret McKenzie Harnham Memorial Hall 01722 714 685

Play reading 2 – 4 pm 3rd Tues Margaret Shore 60 St Anne St 01722 334 848


German 2.0 pm fortnightly Mary Poyton

20 Berkshire Road 01722 334 341

19 & 20th Cen. Literature 10.00 am 1st Wed Stella Tobi

Mill Rd 01722 335 891

Recorder, Playing for Fun 2.00pm Monthly Stuart Robson

20 St Clair Road 01722 334 310

Self-help Watercolour 10 – 12 weekly Rita Johnston

St George’s Church Hall, Harnham 01722 339 547

Wine Appreciation 2.30pm monthly Frank Woodward

16 Water Ditchampton 01722 744 214


Art Appreciation 2 pm 2nd Thurs Mervyn Scamel Roselands, Laverstock Park 01722 322 944

Bookworms 10 – 12 1st Thurs Anne Blake Yew Tree House, Charlton All Saints 01722 511 743

Chess for fun 10 – 2 weekly Betty Dunne 466 Devizes Rd 01722 333 588

Exploring the Countryside monthly Colin Seago

(walking) after the General meeting 01725 510 630

Mobile Phone help 10 – 12 1st Thurs Aslang Abbott 12 Chiselbury Grove 01722 716 995

Opera 2.0 pm 1st Thurs Sept – May Jack Shore 32 Bouverie Av. 01722 334 848

Poetry Reading 2.30 pm 3rd Thurs Beryl Paton Members’ Homes 01722 714 343

Theatre Group 2.30 pm monthly Yvonne Watts Playhouse 01722 329 234


Digital Imaging 10 – 12 weekly 11th Sept Sheila & Peter Read Beginners 12 Chiselbury Grove 01722 501 218

Digital Imaging 10 – 12 weekly Shelia & Peter Read Advanced (full) 12 Chiselbury Grove 01722 501 208

Extra (full)


Scrabble for singles 2 – 4pm weekly Anne Boutell Members’ homes 01722 328 469

Various days Monthly, held in various places

Historic Buildings 12 noon Stella Tobi

01722 335 891

Ladies who lunch 12 – 2pm Judy Jeffrey

01425 652 124

Looking at Country Houses full day Jim Dunstone 01980 622 747

Sister Cities TBA Jan Cardy

. 01722 339 791

If anyone is interested in visiting some Country Houses, call Jim Dunstone, 01980 622 747 , just in case someone has had to drop out.

In March they are visiting Cheltenham Museum and Gallery to see some new pieces of Yorkshire furniture made by Robert Thompson, the ‘mouseman’ , and their arts and crafts are considered the best collection in the country

Later the group is visiting the Duke of Wellington’s home at Stratfield Saye, , which is magnificent, though eccentric!

Opera News (contact the secretary Jenny for more information) Welsh National Opera at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton Tickets £34.00 24th March 2010 Tosca

Cruising 2010 Baltic Cruise on Fred Olsen vessel Balmoral, Cost £1,129

Visiting: St Petersburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen. 12 night s and 13 days Dept Dover 20th June 2010, returning 2nd July

Payments for all above outings - cheques to Salisbury U3A and a separate cheque for each event please.

Salisbury Hospicecare

Teas Together with entertainment by Christine and Peter Padwick Mondays 3 for 3.30 to 5.00 pm in Salisbury Methodist Hall, St Edmunds Church St.

8th March with Mother

12 April with the English

10th May with the 1920’s

TICKETS £5.00 from the Hospice Shop, Catherine Street,

.Or call Salisbury Hospicecare Trust Call 01722 416 353


As an ex member of the WRNS I have taken part in the March Past the Cenotaph in London for the past five years and this year was no exception.

I usually meet up with some ex WRNS friends for the weekend in November and we stay at the Union Jack Club near Waterloo. One friend is allocated the job of obtaining tickets for all of us for the rehearsal of the Festival of Remembrance the Saturday afternoon which takes place in the Albert Hall. This involves, as non British Legion members, phoning the Albert Hall on the first Monday in September and waiting usually one and a half hours until you get an answer as the lines are constantly engaged! This year, when she got through, there were no tickets left due to the British Legion block booking. We were also unable to get rooms at the Union Jack Club as the booking for this weekend can be placed two years ahead, so we had booked elsewhere. We eventually decided not to meet up, cancelled our booking and each join the British Legion so we would have more chance of tickets another year (members can book earlier). I went to the March Past on my own for the day only.

You have to apply to your Forces Association for free tickets for the March Past and need to meet in Horse Guards Parade between 9.15 and 10.00am. Each regiment, squadron, naval ship etc. is allocated a letter and number and you first have to find your particular area. This year we were in rows of six; and family and own medals can be worn (I have none). At approximately 10.15 we were marched, in sequence, into Whitehall and formed four columns (almost back to Trafalgar Square – all traffic is stopped in the area) There are various large TV screens along the road so that we can see and hear what is happening at the Cenotaph, as we are usually some way away. As we were in the middle of the column, we stood there until 11.40am. Several hip flasks were passed around and sips of an alcoholic nature were taken to keep warm.

One of our members, when we marched past (there were only 50 of us this year) kept us in step calling “Left, Right’ Left’ Right etc. but as the various groups were doing the same around us it was quite confusing! After about 20 minutes we marched along Horse Guards Road back to Horse Guards Parade. A member of the Royal Family takes the salute there, this year is was Prince Andrew’s turn and he had to stand there for at least half an hour. Eventually at about 12.30pm we were dismissed and hurried away to get warm.

There are many extra groups these days (Bevin Boys, War Widows, Children of Prisoners of war etc. and uniformed organisations such as the Scouts, Guides and Red Cross)

Afterwards I went to see the Garden of Remembrance outside Westminster Abbey, where crosses with poppies are placed in the ground in the relevant marked areas. It was very disturbing to see how many there were undercurrent conflicts. You can also buy crosses there to place where you wish.

It has so far not rained on the Parade for me – there’s always next year, and I have booked into the Union Jack Club for Remembrance weekend for 2010 and 2011

Maureen Davidson


Dear Member

If you are a UK taxpayer then we are able to claim Gift Aid on your annual subscription, which is considered a donation. This is at no cost to you, but will allow us to get an additional 28p for every pound you have paid. You must be paying enough tax in each year to cover the amount of tax reclaimed, and you must cancel your Declaration if you do not meet this requirement at any time.

Please contact me, the Treasurer if you have any questions.

You should keep this letter as a record of having made a Declaration.

Yours sincerely

Shirley Reeves

10 Avon Terrace



(Please note that if you stop paying enough tax to cover the Gift Aid, you must notify the withdrawal of your Declaration to the Treasurer right away)

(rev. 1 10/08) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



(Charity Number 1080479)

To: The Hon. Treasurer, Spire U3A

I want the Charity to treat all donations that I have made since 1st April 2001 and all donations I make from the date of this Declaration, until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations.

Signed Date

Full name (please print)


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