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ISSUE No. 66 www.salisburyu3a.org.uk SEPTEMBER 2009


TREASURER Shirley Reeves 01722 501 130
SECRETARY Jenny Watmore 01722 330 078
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Jackie Mundy 01722 321 731
GROUP C0-ORDINATOR Bernard Crossland 01722 333 401
PUBLICITY SECRETARY Joanna Woodd 01722 323 447
SPEAKERS SECRETARY Margaret McKenzie 01722 714 685
COMMITTEE MEMBERS Judy Jeffrey 01425 652 124, Mike Ritchley 01722 331 719
WEB GURU Peter Read 01722 501 218
COFFEE ROTA Eileen Forder 01722 333 405


Well, there is no message, because we still have no chairman.

Please consider this position, it is not so onerous, and I’m sure could be fun. All organisations are more effective with good leadership, and you would have a familiar face to chair your meetings, and someone to whom you can turn with complaints and other supportive comments. Of importance it would mean that we could have representation at other meetings, and those of us on the committee are feeling somewhat bereft without such a leader.


Mrs Pauline Kennedy, Mr Roger and Mrs Helen Tiedeman, Mrs Christina West

Mrs Ruth Poynting, Mrs Jill Richards, Mrs Sue Evans, Mrs Jean Crichton,

Miss Jennifer West, Mrs Sylvia Gilbert


Notes to all course leaders.

Please could you let me know of interesting news about the courses you are providing, so current and new members are able to make informed decisions. Some of our members are unable to attend all of our monthly meetings, so are dependent on either information on our website, or in the newsletter, and as paid up members they are entitled to this.

Exploring the Countryside

Thank you all – past and present members for your loyalty, support and friendship during my eleven years as leader of the above group. Your interest and company gave me so much pleasure, and may you go forward to many more happy days.  Pauline

In July your committee agreed to donate £100 towards the decoration of the Harnham Memorial Hall. Bill Collings, Chairman of the Trustees of the Harnham Memorial Hall, sent a very appreciative letter, copied below.

Dear Mrs Watmore

I have just returned from holiday and Peter Game has told me that Spire U3A have most generously donated £100 towards our target of £1,250. That gift means that we are within a whisker of achieving our goal so we can begin on Phase 2 of our refurbishment programme.

Thank you so much for your help.


12TH October: Ruth Newman speaking about ‘What’s on in the 1780’s?

9th November: Phil Greenbridge speaking about Wild Life Rescue


On July 13th Mark Cook came and gave us a most enlightening talk about the work of ‘Hope and Homes for Children’, which is an international children’s charity working across Africa and Central and Eastern Europe to transform the lives of children who are orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable. Their mission is to give hope to the poorest of children in the world, enabling them to grow up within the love and security of a family home, so that they can fulfil their potential.

This is very different to so many other children’s organisations, which put children into institutions. Hope for Homes recognise that families give children roots so that they can develop and grow and enjoy all that life has to offer them. Families provide children with a sense of belonging and a unique identity, as they are a source of emotional support and comfort, warmth and nurturing, protection and security. Children who are deprived of family life experience numerous disadvantages, and their general development is usually inhibited and their chances in life are significantly reduced.

Hope for Homes is proud of being ‘child centred, and child led’ and are respectful of children’s rights, knowing that children deserve the very best. They are known as the leading organisation in closing children’s institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Following the meeting there was a collection towards the work of the charity, which raised almost £200, enabling us to give Mark a cheque for £250 inclusive of the speakers fee.

In July we were thoroughly entertained and amazed learning about the work and life of Denise Edwards as a Stunt artist. Who would dare to run across a stage, with all her clothing on fire, or jump from high buildings as ‘super-gran’ ? Well we were let into the secrets of the trade. As a youngster Denise was passionate about swimming and thought this would be her career, but it was through these abilities she was introduced to new adventures. One of her early performances involved running through a burning and collapsing Greek temple with her flowing gowns on fire, as each piece of masonry disintegrated, she had to be one step ahead. Her flowing gowns were all non-inflammatory, except for specific separate patches which were ignited before her dash across stage. Once the other side she was hosed down by the fire-fighters who were stationed at four points around the stage, then, still feeling warm, she discovered that her petticoat was smouldering! The fire-fighters immediately set to work again. Health and Safety is of the upmost importance, and their stipulations have increased during Denise’ years as a stunt artist.


Subject details Times & Venue Contact details


Canasta 2 - 4 pm various Mon Tom Ridout 56 Barnard St 01722 322 917

Computer help 10 – 12 3rd Mon L Irons Howstean, Portland Ave 01722 325 307

Conversational French 10 am weekly Ron Moore in members’ homes 01722 505 663

Family History for beginners 2.0 pm fortnightly Sept 7th for 8 weeks Mike Kirby 27 Downsway 01722 330 123

Mah Jong ( Basic) 2.0 pm weekly Jane Davis in members’ homes 01722 326 579

Opera for Beginners 2.0 pm last Mon Pat Crossland 12/14 St Edmunds Church St 01722 333 401

Playing simple music 2.30 pm 1st Mon Malcolm Simmons 2 Upper St, Harnham 01722 335 199

Science & Tech 10 am last Mon. Christopher Penfold Harnham Memorial Hall 01722 325 220 just turn up Peter Read. 01722 501 218


A good Read 2.30 pm 2nd Tues Glenda Scott Members’ homes 01722 327 150

Archaeology 10.30 am last Tues Margaret McKenzie Harnham Memorial Hall 01722 714 685

Play reading 2 – 4 pm 3rd Tues Margaret Shore 60 St Anne St 01722 334 848


German 2.0 pm fortnightly Mary Poyton 20 Berkshire Road 01722 334 341

19 & 20th Cen. Literature 10.00 am 1st Wed Stella Tobi Mill Rd 01722 335 891

Self-help Watercolour 10 – 12 weekly Rita Johnston St George’s Church Hall, Harnham 01722 339 547

Wine Appreciation 2.30pm monthly Frank Woodward 16 Water Ditchampton 01722 744 214


Art Appreciation 2 pm 2nd Thurs Mervyn Scamell Roselands, Laverstock Park 01722 322 944

Bookworms 10 – 12 1st Thurs Anne Blake Yew Tree House, Charlton All Saints 01722 511 743

Chess for fun 10 – 2 weekly Betty Dunne 466 Devies Rd 01722 333 588

Exploring the Countryside monthly on Thurs. Colin Seago (walking) after the General meeting 01725 510 630

Mobile Phone help 10 – 12 1st Thurs Aslang Abbott 12 Chiselbury Grove 01722 716 995

Opera 2.0 pm 1st Thurs Sept – May Jack Shore 32 Bouverie Av. 01722 334 848

Poetry Reading 2.30 pm 3rd Thurs Beryl Paton Members’ Homes 01722 714 343

Theatre Group 2.30 pm monthly Yvonne Watts Playhouse 01722 329 234


Digital Imaging Beginners 10 – 12 weekly 11th Sept Sheila & Peter Read 12 Chiselbury Grove 01722 501 218

Digital Imaging Advanced and Extra 10 – 12 weekly Sheila & Peter Read (full) 12 Chiselbury Grove 01722 501 218

Watercolour Painting 2 – 4 pm weekly, Sally Jermy 12 weeks starting 25th Sept Harnham Scout Hut .


Scrabble for singles 2 – 4pm weekly Anne Boutell Members’ homes 01722 328 469

Various days Monthly, held in various places

Historic Buildings 12 noon Stella Tobi 01722 335 891

Ladies who lunch 12 – 2pm Judy Jeffrey 01425 652 124

Looking at Country Houses full day Jim Dunstone 01980 622 747

Sister Cities TBA Jan Cardy . 01722 339 791


A series of lectures by acclaimed archaeological illustrator Nick Griffiths.

Every Wednesday from 7th October – 25th November 10.30 – 12.00 noon, in the Museum’s lecture hall.

The course will look at Prehistory, Roman Britain, Saxons and Vikings – and then from 1066 to the reign of Henry V11, the end of the Middle Ages. It will cover the basic progression of history, but will also look at, for example, the changes in agriculture, the growth of towns, the church and how selected local (and other) sites and buildings fit into the story.

Illustrated with slides and handouts – a ‘must’ booking for the autumn.

Further details, or to book, please contact Salisbury Museum 01722 332 151

Other talks (further information contact Peter Read 01722 501 218)

28th Sept Pat O’Donnell - The ‘Apollo Missions’. Pat was one of the scientists involved at the time. So we shall get first hand information.

26th Oct Ralph Kay - ‘From Moses to the Stars’ This is the odyssey of Plastics

30th Nov Peter Hambleton - ‘From Menace to Medicine’ Botulinum Toxin

Outings The following have been arranged by Salisbury & District U3A

24th Sept Gloucester Cost £14.75

Dept Tesco’s 8.00am & Millstream Coach Park 8.15 am

Leave Gloucester 4.30 pm

8th Oct. Dulwich Art Gallery and Down House

Booking commences July

Opera News (contact the secretary Jenny for more information) Welsh National Opera at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton Tickets £34.00

25th Nov. 2009 La Traviata

24th March 2010 Tosca

Cruising 2010 Baltic Cruise on Fred Olsen vessel Balmoral, Cost £1,129

visiting St Petersbourg, Stockholm and Copenhagen. 12 night and 13 days

Dept Dover 20th June 2010, returning 2nd July

Payments for all above outings - cheques to Salisbury U3A and a separate cheque for each event please.

Teas Together Salisbury Hospice Care

Mondays 3 for 3.30 – 5.00 pm in Salisbury Methodist Hall, St Edmunds Church St.

Good food, entertainment and good company with a series of themes

26th Oct with the 1940’s

16th Nov on the Railways

7th Dec at Christmas

Cost £5.00 the Hospice Shop, Catherine St. Call 01722 416 353


Some Benefits of non-formal adult learning

There have been two large-scale research projects over the past few years which have highlighted the benefits of non-formal adult learning in terms of wellbeing. The first of these was carried out in North America: Mental Stimulation and Lifelong Learning Activities in the 55+ Population, February 2007. This can viewed on the Elderberry website under Research and Grants heading.

A second, ongoing research is the Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Well being (July 2006 – October 2008) under the auspices of the Government Office for Science. This can be accessed online on the Foresight Programme website. It is mostly concerned with the need for all sections of the UK population to increase their skills, with relevance to employment. Not so relevant for most U3A members, but it suggests individual students will gain Mental Capital.

Is there anyone who would like to reassure themselves of the quality of the activity they pursue? If so the following may be of interest.

In practical terms, any system of assessment or evaluation applied to non-formal adult education should take the following into account:


Dear Member

If you are a UK taxpayer then we are able to claim Gift Aid on your annual subscription, which is considered a donation. This is at no cost to you, but will allow us to get an additional 28p for every pound you have paid. You must be paying enough tax in each year to cover the amount of tax reclaimed, and you must cancel your Declaration if you do not meet this requirement at any time.

Please contact the Treasurer or myself if you have any questions. You should keep this letter as a record of having made a Declaration.

Yours sincerely

John Wort

(Please note that if you stop paying enough tax to cover the Gift Aid, you must notify the withdrawal of your Declaration to the Treasurer right away)




(Charity Number 1080479)

To: The Hon. Treasurer, Spire U3A

I want the Charity to treat all donations that I have made since 1st April 2001 and all donations I make from the date of this Declaration, until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations.

Signed Date

Full name (please print)




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