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ISSUE No.  65                            www.salisburyu3a.org.uk                                  JUNE 2009  


what is it?


This is the first of a new style Newsletter, which had been discussed before I agreed to take on this role. The groups which are currently available are printed in the centre, as I thought it may be useful to be able to pull it out. I will endeavour to keep it up to date throughout the year. On the back page is a Gift Aid declaration form, which can be torn out for use. I would be grateful for both your critical and encouraging comments and ideas on this new design.

At present we still have no chairman, although John tried very hard to find a successor before he had to step down. This means that for the immediate future committee members will take it in turns to chair the meetings and introduce our various speakers. Please think hard about offering to either take on the role of chairman or join the committee, we need more people on board, and we are a very friendly group.

The Harnham Memorial Hall is closing for refurbishment during the month of August, which means it will not be available for our August 10th meeting when Denise Edwards is booked to come and talk to us on ‘Stunts on Film & TV’. At the time of writing we are still waiting for a response from St George’s Hall.

On 3rd September we are combining with the other U3As and having a Hog Roast in Alderbury Village Hall. This exciting event will be between 12 – 3.00pm and the cost is £10.00.

For those of you with Internet access, do use our website, it is very up to date, and has all the information you need to know, including the groups and various outings.

The picture on the front is a ‘bulb planter’, and we have Mark Wilson to thank for this ingenuity.

Please let me have your articles for the next Newsletter, by the end of August; a good way to celebrate and remember the summer holidays.

Joanna Woodd Editor
e-mail:  Joanna@cwoodd.wanadoo.co.uk



A very warm welcome to you all

Mrs Barbara Bowman  Mr Kevin Cardy
Mrs Sarah Credland Mrs Rosemary Duffy 
Mrs Jackie Hankinson Mrs Betty Heeley
Mrs June Norton Mr Roger and Mrs Jean Perks
Mrs Mary Pictor Mr Arthur and Mrs Judy Wibberley


Chairman vacant  
Vice Chairman vacant  
Secretary Jenny Watmore  
Membership Secretary Jackie Mundy 01722 321 731
Treasurer Shirley Reeves  
Committee Member Mike Richley  
Committee Member Judy Jeffrey  
Groups Co-ordinator Bernard Crossland  

Publicity Secretary

Joanna Woodd

01722 323 447

Speakers Secretary Margaret McKenzie  
Web Master Peter Read 01722 501 218
Coffee Ladies Co-ordinator Eileen Forder  


Subject details



Contact details



2 -4 pm   various Mon.

56 Barnard St Tom Ridout 01722 322 917
Computer help 10 – 12am  3rd Mon.
Howstean, Portland Ave    Laurie Irons  01722 325 307

Conversational French 
10am weekly   in members’ homes Ron Moore 01722 505 663

Family History for beginners 
2.0pm fortnightly Sept 7th for 8 weeks 27 Downsway Mike Kirby 01722 330 123

Mah Jong ( Basic)
2.0pm  weekly  in members’ homes Jane Davis  01722 326 579
Opera for Beginners  2.0pm  last Mon 12/14 St Edmunds Church St Pat Crossland 01722 333 401
Playing simple music  2.30pm 1st Mon. 2 Upper St, Harnham Malcolm Simmons 01722 335 199

Science & Tech.
10am   4th Mon. Harnham Memorial Hall Christopher Penfold 01722 325 220


A good Read   2.30pm  2nd Tues                                         Members’ homes Glenda Scott 01722 327 150
Archaeology 10.30am last Tues Harnham Memorial Hall  Margaret McKenzie 01722 714 685
Play reading                   2 – 4pm  3rd Tues  60 St Anne St Margaret Shore 01722 334 848


German   2.0 pm Fortnightly  20 Berkshire Road Mary Poyton  01722 334 341
19 & 20th Cen. Literature       10.00am  1st  Wed  Mill Rd Stella Tobi  01722 335 891
Self-help Watercolour  10 – 12md weekly   St George’s Church Hall, Harnham     Rita Johnston   01722 339 547
Wine Appreciation   2.30pm monthly 16 Water Ditchampton Frank Woodward 01722 744 214


Art Appreciation 2pm  2nd Thurs. Roselands, Laverstock Park Mervyn Scamell 01722 322 944
Bookworms 10 – 12. 1st Thurs.  Yew Tree House, Charlton All Saints Anne Blake 01722 511 743
Chess for fun  10 – 2 weekly  466 Devies Rd Betty Dunne 01722 333 588
Mobile Phone help 10 – 12nd  2nd or 3rd Thurs. 12 Chiselbury Grove Aslaug Abbott 01722 716 995
Opera 2.0pm 1st Thurs.  Sept – May 32 Bouverie Av. Jack Shore 01722 334 848
Poetry Reading 2.30pm  3rd Thurs.  Members’ Homes Beryl Paton  01722 714 343
Theatre Group 2.30pm Monthly  Playhouse Yvonne Watts 01722 329 234


Digital Imaging      Beginners                   10 – 12 4 weekly 11th Sept on 12 Chiselbury Grove Sheila & Peter Read  01722 501 218
Digital Imaging     Advanced  (full)       Extra  (full) 10 – 12 4 weekly 12 Chiselbury Grove Sheila & Peter Read  01722 501 218
Digital Imaging     Advanced  (full)       Further (full)  10 – 12 4 weekly 12 Chiselbury Grove Sheila & Peter Read  01722 501 218
Using Your Camera 10 – 12 4 weekly June, July & August 12 Chiselbury Grove Sheila & Peter Read  01722 501 218
Watercolour Painting    2 – 4pm weekly 12 weeks starting 25th Sept. Harnham Scout Hut Sally Jermy   


Scrabble for singles 2 – 4pm weekly Members’ homes Anne Boutell 01722 328 469 

Various days

Monthly, held in various places      
Historic Buildings  12 noon   Stella Tobi 01722 335 891

Ladies who lunch                                                                             
12 – 2pm   Judy Jeffrey 01425 652 124
Looking at Country Houses                                                     full day   Jim Dunstone 01980 622 747
Sister Cities                                                                                    TBA   Jan Cardy 01722 339 791
The Archaeology and Science Technology groups are open to members from other U3As      

If there is something you would like to do, and it is not on the list, don’t despair. Ask around, and I am sure there will be others, who would also be interested, and perhaps you can start something together. Space can be discussed.

The following outings have been arranged by Salisbury and District U3A

See Outings HERE

Spire U3A – Gift Aid

Dear Member
If you are a UK taxpayer then we are able to claim Gift Aid on your annual subscription, which is considered a donation. This is at no cost to you, but will allow us to get 28p in every pound you have paid.

You must be paying enough tax in each year to cover the amount of tax reclaimed, and you must cancel your Declaration if you do not meet this requirement at any time.

Please contact the Treasurer or myself if you have any questions. You should keep this letter as a record of having made a Declaration.

Yours sincerely
John Wort

(Please note that if you stop paying enough tax to cover the Gift Aid, you must notify the withdrawal on your Declaration to the Treasurer right away)

(rev. 1 10/08)



(Charity Number 1080479)

To:       The Hon. Treasurer, Spire U3A
I want the Charity to treat all donations that I have made since 1st April 2001 and all donations I make from the date of this Declaration, until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations.

Signed                                                                                   Date

Full name
(please print)





Articles for Issue 60 please, by July 5th 2008
Sheila Read, 12 Chiselbury Grove, Salisbury. SP2 8EP
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