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   ISSUE No 59                       www.salisburyu3a.org.uk                         MAY 2008

This newsletter is the last one of our first 10 years!  The first one was printed in July 1998 when the editor Eric Gould, wrote of 50 members attending the first meeting. By the September issue of the newsletter the number of members had doubled and the Deaf Centre, Love Lane, was no longer large enough for the rapidly increasing membership.  On November 9th 1998 the Memorial Hall, Harnham became our new meeting hall.
  It is those first 10 years we will be celebrating on June 9th as we now approach a membership of 250.  We are the youngest of the three U3As in Salisbury and it would seem appropriate to thank those members who worked so hard at the beginning to make Spire U3A the success it is today.  During the celebrations there will be an exhibition of archival pictures, newsletters and press reports going back to those original members, most of who will be with us for the celebrations.
We hope those who are able to come have purchased their tickets.  Hopefully the weather will be kind and those who can conveniently bring a garden chair please do so. Do not forget to bring your ticket too as it may be the prize-winning number! 
                                        The Editor

Welcome to New Members
Ann Robins     Joan Simmons     John Brierley     Christine Hill
Margaret and Barry Cooper

How wonderful it is to be British!
Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American Shows on a Japanese TV.
And the most British thing of all?
Suspicion of all things foreign! Only in Britain can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.
Only in Britain do we leave cars worth thousands of pounds on the Drive and lock our junk and cheep lawn mower in the garage.
A message from the Group Co-Ordinator
There is a change from previous years in the way to join groups.  Instead of filling in the forms at the back of the Hall simply just ring the Group leader with your name and membership number and all will be taken care of.


Spire Digital Imaging for Beginners

Sheila and Peter have started a new course this month and a few vacancies have become available. These classes are held on Fridays, every four weeks at 10am to Noon.  The next one will be on May 30th.

If you are interested ring: 01722  0501218

*Archaeology Group

The next meeting will be on May 27th when Mark Corney will be the speaker.

*Science & Technology Group

The last meeting of this group was a talk on Blacksmithing given by Linda Smith.  She talked about her family connections with blacksmithing going back seven generations!
For the new season starting in September, Peter, Chris and Laurie would like some ideas for talks as soon as possible. If there is any topic you would like to know more about please ring 01722 501218 to tell us and we will try to get a good speaker for you.   

*Spire organises these meetings but members from the other Salisbury U3As are invited. There is no need to have your name down to attend.  Just turn up on the day, usually in the Memorial Hall, Harnham unless otherwise stated*



Could you spare a little of your time? 

The Harnham Day Centre, for elderly members of our community, needs some more volunteer helpers.  Meetings are held on Monday and Thursday each week, from 10am to3pm. at Brympton, Gawthorne Drive.
If you can help, please contact the organiser,
Jill Stevens, on (01722) 781040.

Having Your Say About Local Health Matters

Although the Joint Salisbury U3As’ Health Care Research Group has ceased to meet through lack of a Group Leader a new system has been put in place to ensure that Salisbury’s U3A members are still represented in local health matters.
Eric and Anne Gould of Spire U3A will continue to act as a link between local hospital, the Wilts Primary Care Trust and us.  As Patient Representative Coordinators they will pass on to “Contacts” in each of the Salisbury U3A’s any requests for representation on local health projects.
Mary Poynton has kindly offered to act as the Contact for Spire U3A. Do please give her your support when she asks for someone to represent us.
Currently, our members are engaged in a number of projects. Anne Gould is a member of our hospital’s Food & Nutrition Steering Group and with Joan Brown has been engaged in patient food sampling sessions and ward observation audits at meal times. This Group has already obtained many improvements to benefit patients.
Eric Gould and Mary Poynton are involved with the Salisbury Hospital Signage Group, which is concerned with improving signs in and around the hospital. John Waller recently attended a meeting organised by Wiltshire County Council to discuss a government initiative to set up Local Involvement Networks for health.

The Health Care Research Group has been engaged in a number of important projects during its lifetime. Among them have been: MRSA and infection control; the patient discharge system; patient food and nutrition, hospital signage and appointment letters; the planning and development of the new hospital wing; deep vein thrombosis; urgent care policy; and a survey and recommendations to improve the operation of the hospital’s pharmacy.
Regarding the latter it is worthwhile visiting the pharmacy when you are next in the hospital to see how our recommendations are being implemented. The Chief Pharmacist wrote to us recently:” I have been most grateful to your Group for the very considerable help and advice you and they have given the department and me. I am so pleased that you have received some favourable comments back on our changes, which have been guided by your work. Please thank your Group for me again. It has been a very rewarding initiative for all concerned.”

U3A members have a very important role in helping to improve local health concerns. Do please give your Contact any help you can.

Generic Medicines

The other day I heard a customer in a pharmacy asking for a branded painkiller.  She paid £1.98 for 16 tablets.  I was itching to say something but kept quiet, but my thoughts were “surely she knows that she could buy the same thing in supermarkets as “Ibuprofen” for 33 pence.  Isn’t it time we got into the habit of asking the chemist if there are generic substitutes for some of our favourite remedies?                                                                 P. Crossland


Filing cabinet, wooden 3 drawer, (R White manufacture), suitable for A4 suspension files.   £25 ono.

Kitchen table, sturdy, working top edged with teak, 47" long, 24" wide, 29" high, metal legs.   £30 ono.                             

Ring: 01722 3354443

Improving my “mobility”
          I have to thank Aslaug Abbott for leading a Mobile Phone Course. I had found it impossible to learn from my fast finger and thumb grandchildren because they don’t have the patience to show the step-by-step approach.  Aslaug’s patience extends to the simplest of questions such as “which button do I press when it rings?”
          I’ve learnt to set up a list of contacts, send and receive and delete text messages and how to edit them before sending.  As a dyed-in-the-wool technophobe I am most grateful to Aslaug for her help and encouragement.

P. Crossland

People of Harnham

Residents like yourselves decided after the First World War to honour the dead by building The Harnham Memorial Hall as a permanent working reminder of those Harnham residents that fell in fighting for their country.
From that time a small number of residents have been members of a committee to oversee the general running of the Hall. This in general involves attending a committee meeting once every three months each lasting about an hour or so. 
This year we are looking for three people to join the committee to take over from three of its members two of which have given dedicated service for over twenty-five years.
If you would, like us, consider it an honour to help in perpetuating this memorial to the fallen of Two World Wars please contact:

Peter Game on 01722 416109 for further details.


Articles for Issue 60 please, by July 5th 2008
Sheila Read, 12 Chiselbury Grove, Salisbury. SP2 8EP
Email:  s.read.frps@ntlworld.com

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