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ISSUE No.40             www.salisburyu3a.org.uk                    May 2005

Spire U3A welcomes in the New Season

A warm sunny morning found a packed hall for our AGM and a warm welcome for the new Chairman, Chris Penfold.Thanks must go to Anne Gould who has worked hard as Chairman over the past two years.  She has encouraged sharing events with the other two Salisbury U3A's setting a fine example when, with her husband Eric; they started a successful Health Research Group.  We hope she will find more time available for all her commitments but that we shall still see her often at our coffee mornings.The new season of speakers for each month are booked and at this May meeting you will have received your membership card and that programme.This newsletters success depends on the contributions I receive from you all.  I am most grateful for the few regulars who help me with each publication, but with 240 members I am sure there are some more who could assist. You do not have to be a Group Leader or on the committee to voice an opinion or send an article.Don't forget the Sale or Wanted box we started a few months back. 

Have you any other suggestions that would prove a service to members?                                           The Editor


Mrs Maureen Moore Mr Michel Reeve Mr David Arundale Dr John Beales Mr John Kenny and Mrs Margaret Kenny

To all members, please make yourselves known to those seated near to you, as they may well be new.  The committee try to give a warm welcome to them but some times they can get missed at the busy start of a meeting.


It is hoped that we have enough places on most groups to satisfy the needs of the majority of members.  Please let Saundra Barrett have your choices as soon as possible and also tell her if you feel you could now find time to start, or help someone else to start, a new group.  Committee members are also there to help.

Wanted a Mobile Phone Buff

Is there any one able to help a few members to get the most out of their mobile phones for a few sessions?

Please contact Sandra Barrett on 01722 324555

Archaeology Group

Members of other Salisbury U3As may join too.
 Just ask if there are any vacancies from the Group Organiser
or ring Ann Boutell on 01722 328 469
This Group meets on the last Tuesday in the month.
The venue will be the Harnham Memorial Hall unless otherwise stated.

31st May 2005 Around Downton David Waymouth
28th June 2005 Maps and Documents for Archaeology John Chandler
26th July 2005 Two Wessex Kings D Cross

Stratford Dig-14

A Spire member shows us the joy of an Archaeology Dig


'The Journal' of Monday 3rd September 1798 contains the following report:

On Saturday, the day appointed for the journey of the Royal Family to Weymouth, their Majesties, accompanied by the Princesses Augusta, Elizabeth, Mary and Sophia, attended by Gen. De Bude, Lady C Bruce, etc. left Windsor at six o'clock in the morning, in three carriages, breakfasted at Demazy's at Hartford-bridge, and arrived in this city at half past eleven.

Nine troops of the Wilts Yeomen Cavalry had assembled here the preceding evening, under the command of their Colonel, Lord Bruce, and went to receive the Royal party on the road, about a mile from hence... The three companies of the Salisbury Association were under arms in the Close, and severally saluted his Majesty on his arrival at the Bishop's Palace, where the Royal Party alighted at half past eleven o'clock. They took refreshments at the Palace, and after continuing there about an hour, proceeded on their journey to Weymouth.

The complete regiment of Wilts Yeomen Cavalry had now formed on Harnham Hill, in five squadrons, expecting to be reviewed by his Majesty; but, by some mistake, the carriages were driven rapidly past, and his Majesty did not appear even to have a view of them; a circumstance of considerable disappointment to many gentlemen of the corps, who had travelled a considerable distance, and been on duty for two days, in the hope of exhibiting to their Sovereign a lively proof of the strength and security derived to the country from such an establishment. They mustered on this occasion (besides Officers) 586 rank and file. Their noble commander attributes the disappointment to the non-delivery of a letter; and from whatever cause it may have arisen, we have authority to say it will be fully explained.

Someone had blundered! Explanations would indeed be required. The incident may seem trivial now—a failure of communication, a bit of bad staff work; or perhaps the King himself suddenly couldn't face yet another inspection of enthusiastic amateur soldiers, and gave the signal to speed on up the hill towards Weymouth and a good meal after a long day's drive.

But to the horsemen drawn up beside what we now call the Old Blandford Road, it must have seemed anything but trivial. Their military training was as yet scanty, but the skill of swearing like a trooper is soon learnt, and there must have been a blue haze over Harnham Hill that early September afternoon that owed nothing to the time of year. As they watched the Royal carriages disappear; amazement must have given way to disappointment, and disappointment to anger.

Here they were; nearly 600 of them, ready, at their own expense, to show off their patriotism, loyalty and military bearing—and the King ignored them!

To add to their Colonel's embarrassment, the lady in one of the carriages in attendance on Queen Caroline was his own sister.

‘HARNHAM 1981 Magazine printed as a celebration of Harnham as a community'
Article on loan from Hugh Thomas

The Cinnamon Trust

This is a national charity, with the primary objective of preserving the relationship between elderly people and their pets.  It provides practical help with day-to-day care e.g. walking the dog for a housebound owner, a national fostering service for pets whose owners are facing a spell in hospital and long time care for pets whose owners, for whatever reason, can no longer look after them.  Volunteers are needed in virtually every village and town but particularly in Salisbury.

So, if you have just an hour a week to spare and would like to help, please contact Moira Butler on:

01736 757900 or e-mail her on moira@cinnamon.org.uk
The Third Age Trust drew our attention to this article in their last news sheet.


Annette Harris (Salisbury U3A) has kindly offered Spire U3A spaces on her geologically oriented outings.  The way this works is to meet at her house 3 Mallards Close, Harnham at 9.30 am.  Annette will then give a short talk about the proposed trip and what to expect.  Car sharing is then sorted out.  And off we go.  There are three outings as follows –

               12 May                 Visit to Charmouth or if wet Dinton

               2 June                   to be arranged

               7 July                    to be arranged

Articles for issue 41 please, by 1st July 2005

Sheila Read. 12 Chiselbury Grove, Salisbury, SP2 8EP

OR by E-mail: s.read.frps@ntlworld.com