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ISSUE No.38 www.salisburyu3a.org.uk          JANUARY 2005

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As we start another New Year it is again time to wish you all a happy, healthy and exciting year ahead.
It is pleasing to note the number of new groups that have been formed and the increased number of members attending them. So, thank you to all group leaders for your hard work. I include in this the combined activities that we share with Salisbury and Sarum U3As - we are the envy of many other U3As in this respect.
You will soon be receiving notification of our AGM on April 11. Again we plan to keep the business of the AGM as short as possible and then to ask groups to tell us about their achievements and to display some examples of their work.
The U3A Trust has asked us to make sure that all members are aware that our group leaders have a copy of the U3A accident form. Our Secretary is in the process of making sure that all group leaders do have a copy. Whilst we hope not to have to complete one of these forms and take advantage of our U3A insurance (this is paid for out of our annual capitation fee) we cannot get away from the fact that accidents do sometimes happen. To avoid such eventualities as much as possible, I urge members to stay within your limits and be guided by your group leader - especially when on walks, visits or the more energetic pursuits. It is worth noting that although we have insurance cover, Spire U3A is liable for the first £250 of any claim!
The preceding paragraph is not meant to stop you from enjoying group activities but do please take care - we are not so young as we used to be! !
Anne Gould, Chairman.

We welcome our new members to Spire U3A in 2005

Kay Davidge Jean Goldsmith Shirley Smith Sylvia Williams

The Archaeology Group
Novembers meeting should have been Martin Wright from Salisbury Museum, but he was, and still is, ill. There was a slight panic for a speaker but Nick Griffiths stepped in at the last moment and gave us another very interesting talk on the Romans in England.
The next meeting will be on JANUARY 25 th 2005 and will be about Silchester. The speaker will be by Roger Ayres who has dug there for many years and has a huge collection of slides.
Anne Boutell.

The combined Salisbury U3As Health Care Research Group has achieved another first. A team from the Group was the first members of the public to participate in an official audit at Salisbury District Hospital.
The object of the audit was to research the state of and use of hand washing facilities at the entrance to hospital wards.
Ten members of the Group, led by Anne Gould, participated and the research was carried out over a period of two days under the guidance of the hospital's Infection Control Team. The results of the research identify where improvements to hand decontamination could be made. In addition, observations and comments of participating Group members have been passed to the hospital team.
The U3A researchers were well received by all the hospital staff involved.
A further similar audit is planned for a few months time to research any improvement following local and national campaigns in February.
The next meeting of the Group will be at the Harnham Memorial Hall at 2.0 p.m. on Friday, February 18.
The Chief Pharmacist at Salisbury District Hospital will talk about the work of her department and invite ideas from Group members for improving the service to patients of the hospital's pharmacy.

If any U3A member has any suggestions that we can pass on for improving service at the hospital's pharmacy or wish to join the combined Health Care Research Group would they please contact Eric Gould on Salisbury 339868

Chichester 22-25 June 2005
There are ten different courses on offer from walking the Downs, or Natural History of the harbour, to history, art, writing and IT.
Phyll Babb on 504017 has all the details.

This group meets on the last Monday of each month in the Memorial Hall, Harnham and is open to all members. There is no need to contact a course organiser; a fee of £1 is payable at the door. Meetings start at 10am and are usually over before noon. These meetings are for those of us who do not have a science background but are interested to learn more.
The next meeting is on January 31 st 2005. It will be on Hydro Electricity and will be given by our own member Chris Penfold.

From the Speaker Secretary

At the start of this New Year I would like to thank everyone who has been so helpful in my first year as Speaker Secretary.

The year started with quite unrealistic complacency. This was because the retiring Secretary was clearly so well organised and had handed me a file of deferrals from this year and lots of suggestions for contacts which would easily fill a new programme. I thought it would be a doddle.

As I should have realised, nothing is ever that simple. People get sick, take holidays, move away, work on Monday mornings etc. The contacts file got more dog-eared. Panic set in. It was at this stage when many of you responded with excellent suggestions for additional topics and names of contacts. Panic gave way to quiet confidence and I was just starting to relax when… those people I'd tried to contact initially recovered, came back from holiday, gave up the Monday job, returned to the area: I was faced with an embarrassment of riches!

However, the happy result is that we now have a programme, a mixture of the inherited file and new suggestions, hopefully in the Spire tradition. All being well, we shall have a balance of local and general interest, natural history and tales of the exotic, the serious and the light-hearted. We also have a couple of generous offers of last minute stand-ins, which on past experience have proved wonderful entertainment.

Of course no one will find every meeting exactly to their taste but, hopefully, on the other hand, everyone should have some meetings that meet their interests.

So, thank you all and a happy Spire New Year.
Rita Johnston

Ladies and Gentlemen

Happiness is having your clothes altered (by an experienced dressmaker)
From curtains and cushions to turnups and let outs, making or repairing.
Advice given on colour co-ordination and design.

Call CLAIR on 01722 349840

The Editor has been informed that some of the items did find new homes so this new addition to our newsletter, hopefully, may prove useful to Spire members. Do not forget to let me know if you want a repeat advert should an item not be exchanged and of course keep the adverts coming. This newsletter is on the website so the other two Salisbury groups see them too.

For Sale
Brand new SMITH CORONA Word Processor plus Accessories.
Offers. Ring 01722 349840        

A penny a Minute to phone Australia? Yes that's right!

If like us you have relatives in far-flung areas of the world you may be interested to hear how you can reduce your phone bills. We found this via the U3A Web site but you do not need to be on the Internet . All you need is the Access code for the country you wish to call.
For the UK, Australia, USA, Europe, Zimbabwe, Cyprus and many other countries throughout the world dial 0844 861 12 12. Follow this with the full telephone number.
If you are on the Internet go to cheapestcalls.co.uk to get the details.
This system really works because we have tried it out. Definitely recommended.

Articles for issue 38 please, by March 7th 2005
Sheila Read. 12 Chiselbury Grove, Salisbury, SP2 8EP
OR by E- mail: s.read.frps@ntlworld.com

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