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May 2017




One of God’s Trees Professor Julian Evans OBE FICFor


From the Editors Desk

Well we have had a few Spring like days, but the final days of winter seem reluctant to go. The garden has been a picture with all the spring bulbs in full bloom.

The AGM last month returned the committee for a further year, so programme planning has gone ahead and we hope you will enjoy the selection of topics coming up.

The membership of Spire has decreased by over 50 members, so hopefully the market stall last Saturday will bring in a few more.

We have concerns at the lack of people volunteering for the various  jobs, leaving things to the faithful few. Please think about offering your services for a door helper or to put chairs out. Neither are very onerous jobs and once aa year would not be too difficult for many people.

We are at the stage of renewal of all things to do with membership and sadly miss Jacky Mundy who had it so under control. We are extremely pleased to welcome Mary Robson to be the new Membership Secretary.

We have also lost several Groups, which is sad. Should you have an idea for a group or would be willing to run one, you would be very welcome. It only needs to be small, so that you can run it in your own home. I am sure everyone has something to give or share in this respect.

Zelah Bysouth 01722 330307        zjbb@btinternet.com




New Members

We welcome the new members

Mrs Jean Smith, Mrs Letty Rowan, and Mr David Baker



From The Chair.

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed a nice Easter break, the weather has been wonderful and Irene and I have been working hard in the garden getting it ready for the summer. We hope you have too.

I am pleased to announce that Mary Robson, wife of our treasurer Stuart, has volunteered to share the role of membership secretary with Stuart. Thank you, Mary, for taking on this joint role.

The web site continues to be the fount of all knowledge, so please check it from time to time. It contains all up to date news, events and visits, complete with booking forms.

In my role of speakers secretary, I have put together what, I think, is a good selection of speakers for the coming year, some new to us and some old favourites like Sarah Buttenshaw. I am sure you will enjoy the variety.

I am looking to form a new group to be called ‘The Shed’, men only, with trips  out on a monthly basis. I need numbers so, gents, see me asap. The first visit will be in June to Haynes  International Motor Museum.

I am looking forward to my second year as your Chairman and to your support for the many things Spire U3A has to offer.

John Holt


Practical Photography Group by Janet Pengelly

Group Leader - Peter Read

Meetings are held monthly, usually the second Friday. The group meets in the morning, with the option of a field trip in the afternoon. We are fortunate that Peter has considerable expertise which he is very happy to share.   A relatively new group, it is informal and friendly, none of the members are experts and most have compact cameras.  It is very much learning together under Peter’s guidance.

 Over recent months, knowledge has been gained on the history of photography, how a camera works, and the various functions that are inbuilt into modern compact cameras. Progress has been made from using the ‘Auto’ setting, to using the manual aperture and speed settings, and how this can be used effectively to produce the desired quality of photo.

Having improved the level of ability to control the camera depth of field, composition and the art of producing a balanced photo are studied. The aim is to create a well composed and interesting picture.  Examples are critiqued, opinions vary, often the final result agreed to be ‘in the eye of the beholder’. 

During the morning images of the topic of the day are projected; giving rise to much discussion.  Short videos of camera techniques, together with Peter’s input ensures understanding of the subject. Combined with viewing many beautiful and interesting pictures, these sessions are colourful and fun, and everything a U3A group aspires to be.

The afternoon is a time to practice the new found skills. At the April meeting, the group went to the Fox and Goose at Coombe Bissett  for a light lunch, followed by a short gentle and meandering walk through the village and on to  Homington Down, giving us plenty of photo opportunities. The weather was kind and we all had a thoroughly enjoyable time. A big thank you to Peter for all his hard work in making this a very successful  group.

New members are welcome, please contact Peter on 01722 501218 email bluerram@gmail.com                                                     



May Soduko


At the Cafe by Peter Read taken on a Practical Photogrpahy Field Trip 17/3/2017

FRIDAY 21st JULY 2017 16.00-20.00


We will be able to take to the skies in a glider, accompanied by an instructor, for two flights of approx. 15 minutes or one longer one.

Cost £35. Cheques payable to “Sarum U3A” to Maureen Pardy

35 Bishops Mead, Laverstock, Salisbury SP1 1RU

There is a weight limit of 17 stone

Ed: Having done this many years ago, it is great fun and a wonderful experience.

Report on meeting of the ONWARD group in April by Peter Read Vice Chairman, Photography Subject Adviser, Web Master.


This is but a small part of the morning that was full of interest where we dabble in almost any topic. New members are very welcome to our small group.

1. Neodymium Magnets. Terry found an article on the BBC Earth Lab site. This led to a long discussion. Terry found that 2 new magnetic materials have been found by using a supercomputer; researchers used supercomputers to create a shortcut in the process by modelling the potential magnetism of hundreds of thousands of candidates rapidly, cutting the list of potential configurations from 236,115 to just 14. They know the modelling process works because they’ve already created two completely novel magnetic materials based on their predictions.

Brian wondered about the domains within the magnets and Richard is curious about how the magnets are made magnetic. We surmised that they were magnetised in a powerful electro magnet 1 gauss is 10^-4 tesla. Teslas are in the SI system whilst Gauss for the old CGS and as you can tell much smaller.

 See  http://www.periodictable.com/Elements/RareEarthMetals/                                

An interesting side-line is the Bitter Electromagnet capable of 45 Tesla compared to the 7T used in MRI scanners

It led in part to my remembering the Eutectic Point for metal mixtures. Below is the Phase diagram explaining how this works. Essentially all that above the topmost lines is a liquid mix and all below the lines are solid. At 100% A or B represents the melting point of A and B. So this shows that the eutectic point is the lowest melting point because the areas L + a and L +b [Greek letters do not seem to work for me] liquids. See the YouTube for more accurate info.

As it happens I have just booked for the Sci-Tech Group a talk on Rare Earth Metals on 26th June 2017 by Linda Morley. See the Sci-Tech Prog. Do come if you can please.

2. We then considered the Hall Effect found in 1879 by Edward Hall. The deflection of electrons in, say, a strip of metal under the influence of a magnetic field can be detected at the edges of the metal. Using this idea one can measure the rotational speed of engines and such like.

3. Smart Bandages are an ingenious way of knowing if a wound is healing correctly without the need to remove expensive dressings. These bandages utilise Nano technology, 3D printing and the 5G network. Do look at the links. This could be an important thing.

4. Experiments on the new £5 polypropylene bank notes said to be more durable are to be seen on https://www.youtube.com/user/periodicvideos. There are lots more interesting videos here not the least of which is the method of making new elements up to atomic number 118. The method utilises a special form of Calcium that costs a fortune. The rare isotope Calcium-48 plays a key role in the creation of super heavy elements. But it's not easy to obtain. Filmed at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, in Dubna, Russia.


"To all past, present, and enthusiastic "can't dance, but willing to give it a go" people.

There must be many of you who have danced in the past. For one reason or another you've let it lapse. Maybe you hoped to pick it up again at some point, but other things got in the way.

Maybe, you've always wanted to give it a go but never had the opportunity.

This group was formed for those such as yourself.

Whatever your ability, or none (as long as you're keen), there's always a helping hand. No need for a partner, if that's a barrier. There's always some sequence dancing, which can be easily followed. Maybe learn some new moves.

Plus, of course, tea, biscuits and social chat".


Venue: Harnham Memorial Hall, Watersmeet Road, Salisbury.

Time: 2:30 - 4:30, 2nd and 4th Friday each month.

Contact: Mr. Amr Gargia 01722 327705 or just turn up


. Tea Dance  byAmr Gargia

Beware of Scammers

One morning, my friend rang me at 6.30 am, asking me if I was alright. ‘Yes fine’ I replied ‘why?’

She and her father had just received an email saying I was in trouble and needed help. I investigated and found that some kind person had removed all my contacts and emailed them with this message. I emailed everyone and said that this was a scam and I was fine. (I have an alternative email address) This was not the end. I then discovered that anyone who had tried to email me about this, their message went to the scammer at which point a second email was sent say that I was in the Philippines, had my money and passport stolen and needed urgent support and asking for money. I do so hope that no one actually sent anything to them.

I rang the Police who just said ‘Oh, delete it.’ Not that simple, I had 250 family and friends all now worried about what was going on. My email reached most but not all. I had numerous phone calls and emails from concerned people who know that I do have health problems. I was grateful that so many people showed concern and took the trouble to contact me, including several U3A members.

I contacted AVG my virus protection system. ‘How do you log in?’ he asked, ‘Through BT’, I responded. ‘Ah well, we only cover emails that are via an email client! I suggest you access your emails through Outlook or Moxilla Firefox Thunderbird.’

BT, having this problem I was shocked. I know lots of people who use a BT email, so I am suggesting that you take note. Why are BT not aware that emails can be scammed by using their recommended log on system. The next day I received an email from a Rosemary Someone purporting to be with BT Team asking if my emails had been accessed from an unknown source. I contacted BT and asked if she was a member of staff. It appeared that she was not, but a customer. Obviously I did not reply.

I downloaded Outlook which I found quite complicated to use, so I downloaded Thunderbird. This was much easier but for some reason it became unresponsive, so I went back to Outlook until I could sort things out.

I have now discovered through Which?, that the people to contact is Trading Standards Office.

I was able to find my contacts by looking in Deleted contacts file, but I think it will be a case of putting them in by hand.- Good idea, I can housekeep at the same time!

I have not had time yet to contact Trading Standards but will be doing shortly as well as BT, Which? And anyone else I can think of, who might help in the war against Scammers. Pity they cannot do something useful with their lives.

Never open an attachment that you are not sure about, never provide your details in response to an unverified communication and be very careful responding to anything that may strike you as odd. If in doubt contact your local Trading Standards Office.  Never ever send money, and of course NEVER divulge passwords to anyone.

Zelah Bysouth

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May Sudoku Solution


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