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ISSUE No.43            www.salisburyu3a.org.uk                           November 2005


There will be a public meeting to publish the results of the


Aided by “Awards for All” lottery funding.

15th November at 10.30 am

Salisbury Museum

This should be quite exciting and several professional archaeologists are expected to be present.


Following on after the Big Meeting at the Museum the usual monthly meeting will in the usual venue, Harnham Memorial Hall.

“The Boscombe Bowmen” by Catrina Gibson

On the evening of 27th November 2005.  At 7pm


Salisbury and District is now part of a triangle, a metaphorical one, a town-twinning triangle.For fifteen years we have been twinned with Saintes in western France, which has been twinned with Xanten in north Germany.  Now, after a number of visits during the last year by Salisbury residents to Xanten and Germans to Salisbury the triangle was completed at an Anglo German meeting here on October 4th.  Salisbury and Xanten made a twinning agreement.Although prime movers in Salisbury were the Mayor, Patrick Paisley and a councillor, Kevin Cardy, it was stressed that this is NOT a municipal initiative.  It will not coast a penny on Council Tax, but is simply an association of residents, supported by a modest subscription.  Its object is to get to know our neighbours and have friendly relations with them.Contacts will probably be promoted through existing organisations, for example arts or sports clubs.  It is not based on the school exchange principle where participants expect to be absorbed into a foreign family.  The Xanten party here in May 2004, for instance, stayed in B & Bs and then socialised with Salisbury people.Xanten, by the way, is pronounced Zanten and means, as Saintes – Saints.  You can easily drive there in a day; it is a pleasant little town, less than half the size of Salisbury, but with a mediaeval cathedral and as some U3A members will be interested to know, some remarkable Roman ruins.

For further information, please get in touch with:
Mrs Jan Cardy
Salisbury Xanten Twinning Association
C/o 23 St Christopher's Close
Bishopsdown Farm,
Ring: 01733 339791

A web site with further information is HERE

And a Travellers tale of a visit there is found HERE

Information provided by      Mary Poynton


My we extend a warm welcome to the following new members:
Rita Ball Bob Lynn Anna Stevens Doreen Bethell
Stella Tobi Jill Brown David Stevens Evelyn Ellis
Christopher Medler David Neville Margaret Neville


Try this idea for lending your Christmas letter a new twist!

Dear _____
The past year has been pretty hectic
for _____ and ____.

January, the first month, although a whole 31 days, passed in a flash, as it were. February, coming so soon afterwards and having only 28 days, was noticeably less, which of course took us into March in no time at all. Hardly had we registered the change on our almanac when April arrived, starting foolishly with the First.

Treating that as a joke enabled us to greet May with some relief, so keeping our spirits up, until June revealed that we were halfway to Christmas with none of our New Year resolutions kept. It seemed July would suffice for this, but with August holidays on the horizon we decided to review our intentions in September.

Unfortunately, with one day fewer than July and August, there was just no time. Nevertheless, the approach of a longer October promised some leeway to catch up, but the subsequent alteration of clocks sped us into November with even less daylight before we knew where we were.

Thankfully with so little to do outside, we found we had just enough time in December to manage to set down details of yet another thrilling year.

Just fill in the spaces to personalize your Christmas letter!


Are your young grandchildren coming for Christmas?

Would it help to have a pram, drop-side cot, travel cot or a baby bath?

Having acquired all these the grandchildren have outgrown them! 

Ring:  01722  334341

Don’t forget to book your place for the Christmas Party on


Entertainment, good food and an opportunity for a good chinwag!

Trafalgar Studies Day

On the 5th October 2005 over 80 members of U3As from the region [18 U3As] gathered in the Princess Royal Gallery to hear and see two talks given by members of the museum staff. This was organised by Phyll Babb of Sarum U3A.  Our thanks go to her for a most interesting morning.

The first lecture was "Caricatures 1795 to 1815". This was illuminating and amusing too. We were shown how these caricatures changed from previous times, where symbols to represent countries such as the Lion for Britain and the Cockerel for France were brought to the fore. Tabloids of the eighteenth century exaggerated caricatures of politicians and statesmen.  It was explained that by posting them up in shop windows these cartoons were widely seen, at least by the literate. They became very satirical cartoons and they take some time and thought to unravel today.  In the interval we were able to see the exhibition of these for ourselves.

The second lecture was "Panorama of the Battle of Trafalgar" by W. L. Wyllie. This enormous painting [42 feet by 12 foot high] was done in 1928 and housed in a special building opposite the Victory and opened by the King. Because of neglect and leaks in the building the painting was very nearly lost. We were told of three attempts made to restore the work.  Julian Thomas showed us a pre-production DVD about the recent restorations. We were able to help him by pointing out a few deficiencies in the production as at present. Later it will be for sale and one U3A member publicly put her name down for a copy. After these talks we were then able to wander around the museums.  This   included a visit to the Panorama. A dramatic sequence of tableaux showing what life was like below decks during the battle, complete with cannon fire and smoke.  The actual Wyllie panorama, restored to its original glory, was the grand finale to this part of an excellent exhibition.

Why not look at the Report too for more information such as that about the last Victory sail and lots of pictures available HERE


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