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ISSUE No.41                www.salisburyu3a.org.uk                       July 2005


We know summer has arrived when the birdbath needs filling each day, the plants are drooping and the water butt is empty!  The compensation is Wimbledon and strawberries and the fact that unlike most societies U3As’ keep holding their monthly meetings so we can still meet our friends.

        Some group leaders keep going too, despite numbers dwindling as holidays kick in.  One member of a group went to America to baby-sit the Grandchildren, a bit extreme but that was her excuse!  The new list of groups went out and hopefully everyone has found something to look forward to for the winter months.

        After each coffee morning I send an article to the Salisbury Journal about the meeting and any special notices but there is no guarantee that it will be published in the same week, if at all!  Therefore, those who do not come to the coffee mornings may miss out.  Some events are run as joint activities for all three U3A’s in Salisbury.  The Science and Technology Forum is one of these as you will read later in this Newsletter.

        If you know someone who is unable to attend a monthly meeting please let them know of any special notices and if it is a Newsletter month take them a copy.  It is all on the Website of course and that includes the events of the other two U3A’s.

                                                                                                       Sheila Read


Photography Forays

This group now meets every other week on a Friday until September.  Members of the group include everyone who has been on Sheila and Peters' Photography Groups, and also includes some members of Sarum U3A.

At the end of a trip the participants decide on the next meeting so it is essential that those who miss a meeting ring to find out times and venues for the next.    The one after this newsletter goes out will be on July 22nd.  The venue will have been chosen on the last meeting, which was held on July 8th.                                                         Ring: 01722 501218 for details.

Historic House Visits

The June visit was to Lulworth Castle, which has been partially restored by English Heritage following a disastrous fire. Their restoration and exhibitions depicting the history of the castle were excellent as always.  In the afternoon we visited Lulworth Castle House, which stands in the castle grounds.  The Weld family run the estate, which has been in their family since 1641.  It was interesting to talk with the family members who still live in the house.  To all this was added a visit to a chapel with its impressive architecture that stands in the grounds.  Pictures on our web site.

Below are Groups that span all three Salisbury U3A

Science & Technology Forum for all the Salisbury U3As

The aim of this group is to give members a better understanding of the modern world. The group meets on the last Monday of the month usually at the Memorial Hall, Harnham. The meetings start at 10 am and last about 1½ hours.  Cost is a £1 at the door.

All are welcome.  You do not have to sign up. Just come if you wish.

Our season will begin this year on September 26th entitled "How TV signals get to your TV set" by Colin McKenzie. For your diaries we will be having meetings on Oct 31st, Nov 28th 2005. In 2006 they will be on, Jan 30th, Feb 27th, Mar 27th. The season ends on April 24th with a visit to the Langford Lake Reserve where Chris Riley will give us a talk and a tour entitled "Ecology and Conservation". All the lectures will be posted on the web site salisburyu3a.org.uk for reference under the Joint category.                                                        

Contact Peter Read [501218] or Chris Penfold [325220].

Archaeology Group

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month in the Memorial Hall Harnham at 10am unless stated otherwise.  Booking is not necessary.

July 26th A Talk entitled ‘WESSEX KINGS' by Don Cross   

Dig at OLD SARUM with Bill Moffat will recommence on July 27th, 28th and 29th.

August 9th  - Visit to Silchester with Robert Ayres.

Any enquiries please to Ann Boutell on 01722 328 469

Following up David Waymouth's talk on Downton last year a walk was arranged on May 31st   The weather was fine and after exploring The Moot they went round the church and proceeded to The Borough and the ancient cross.  The cross at the top was found in a ditch and it has been proved to be 13th Century in origin as judged by a stonemason from the Cathedral workshops.  He determined this by the way in which the stone was cut.  It was cut in a different direction with respect to the grain of the stone from how it was done later.

They finished at the White Horse Inn, which in itself has many secrets.  It was a hall house and has been used as court.

David Waymouth with the group on The Moot Mount


Yes we are still including this item in the Newsletter so do keep them coming!


Rascal Mobility Scooter.       

£300 o.n.o.          Ring: 01722 744730

Dolls House.  Thatched, Two Bedroom Cottage.

Fully wired with most lights installed.  Kitchen with range and parlour with inglenook.  Wood flooring throughout.   Price includes fittings  and furnishings £300, any offers considered without furnishings.                                                                         

Ring: 01722 501218

The Nottinghamshire market town of Newark is apparently being terrorised by a group of learned pensioners.  The University of the Third Age coffee club used to meet at the local Deincourt Hotel, but has been banned for being “raucous”. 

“Are we a bunch of Saga-louts?” asks its local leader, Cynthia Howell.  But all is well.  “We‘ve found somewhere else, where the coffee's better,” says Howell.     

Another of Hugh Thomas's finds.


For members paying their U3A subscription by Standing Order.Please check your bank account.Did the bank change your Standing Order?Ask Jackie at the entrance desk if you are on her list.She will be pleased to receive the £2.50 in cash.


Articles for issue 42  please, by September 2nd 2005

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