Spire University of the Third Age

Meeting our New Regional Representative.

At the recently held EGM it was agreed that Regions for U3As should be enlarged, reducing the number of Representatives on the National Committee.  The Chairs of the three Salisbury U3As and Shaftesbury met the new Regional Representative for a 'getting to know you' meeting. 

Our new rep. is Fran Elkin, a member of Wells U3A, who has been on the NC for a year.

The meeting was very convivial, not only because we met at Fovant (halfway between Salisbury and Shafesbury) at the Pembroke Arms.  Fran was keen to find out about us and we were interested to hear how she saw the new structure working.  Ideas were shared and plans made.  The three Salisbury U3As will join more closely together forming a network which will have regular contact with the Regional Rep.  Shafesbury will continue their association with Dorset which they have had from the beginning.



Photos:  (L) to (R)..John Wort (Spire), Lesley Frost (Shaftesbury),  Fran Elkin (Reg. Rep), Moira Dickson (Salisbury) Neil Russell (Sarum).

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