Charity Ref. 400/379/98 

Group Presentations 12th March 2007

Mnay groups were represented as can be seen in the photos below. Some groups were not able to put on table top shows and told us verbally what their groups did. The German group even put on a play partly in german. This was very well done and amusing too.
Pauline Wade's walks group table with a slide show of recent walks [done by John Curtis]
The Historic Group number 2's panel.
The Digital Imaging groups table groaning with exhibits.
The Embroidery Stall with keen stitchers.
And the even keener leader Jenny Watmore
Shirley Reeves beside the Theatre Group table.

Frank Woodward admiring his Wine Tasting Group stand.

He had a wine tasting competition - delicious.

The Art Group's display
Members admiring the Art Group's display.
Malcolm Simmonds the Simple Music group leader.
Part of the Simple Music group's table.
Mike Kirby talking to a potential customer for his Family History group by his stand
Folk browsing by the Watercolour Art group table.
Mary Conaway the Watercolour Art group leader by her display.
A close up of the Watercolour Art group display.
Eric Gould talking about the Joint Health Care Research group.
Mary Pointer with members of her German group about to perform their play called Harnhamstrasse.


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