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A pleasant day in the Exchange in Sturminster Newton was had by some 6 people from the three Salisbury U3As.

Beryl Mellish started the day with a talk about Intergenerational Developments. This ranged from the mixing of all ages to drug  trials.
This was followed by discussions on topics such as 'does your U3A reach out' and The Baby Boomers are now retiring. How active are they?

Afternoon Adrian Green from the Salisbury Museum gave a broad overview of the changes to the museum and how a U3A Shared Learning Project assisted in the changes. This was by way of an introduction to Jenny Mawer who told us of the delights she had holding some of the neolithic artifacts from the museum archives. She and others were tasked to select items to put into drawers so that members of the public could delve into them to augment their information from the main displays in the revamped galleries. This all sounded very fulfilling and exciting.

The gallery of photos show Beryl Mellish and Jenny and parts of Sturminster Newton village in the warm sunshine we had that afternoon.

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