Village Visits

The Teffonts - Magna and Evias

16th April 2009

Just 5 of us led by Frank Woodward explored the Teffonts. Very enjoyable it was too. First we entered St Edwards church in Teffont Magna. We were saddened to note that the medieval Bell was missing.  Why?

Then we strolled down the road to Fitz House.  We were fortunate to meet and chat to the owner.  She said that the village was now spoiled by infill developments.

Then we drove up the stream [River Teff] to its source.  This is opposite Farmer Giles entrance.

On to Evias church.  There is a lot of great interest within and without. See the photos of the stained glass windows originally from Holland.

We finished the morning at the Barford Inn.

Statue in a window
This was a pub until 1826
Walmsley House near the Village Hall
Up the River Till towards the Malthouse
Grafitti in the church
The Saxon Cross remnant and the Bell [photo from previous visit]
The Lush plaque
Grafitto by the door of a ship
A similar grafitto
A rare form of Forget-me-not [Myosotis]
Fitz House
Fitz House plaque
By Fitx House.
Scratch sundial on Evias Church
Frank telling us about the 3 graves
Window 1
Window 2
Window 3
Window 4
Window 5
Window 6
View to the church from the south.  Manor house on right
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