Here you can see the wildlife we found. Mainly flowers and some very rare ones too; such as the Toothwort and the Bird's Nest Orchid. We found beetles and heard lots of bird song. A great morning that ended in the Queen's Head at Broadchalke for lunch.

earlypurpleorchid_small.jpg earlypurpleorchid2_small.jpg toothwort_small.jpg birdsnestorchid_small.jpg birdsnestorchid2_small.jpg
cardinalbeetle_small.jpg ramsons_small.jpg thegroup_small.jpg ramsons2_small.jpg thetrail_small.jpg
group_small.jpg stump_small.jpg silvergroundcarpetmoth_small.jpg solomonsseal_small.jpg resting_small.jpg

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