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The Countesses of Salisbury Trail

Thursday, 9th February 2006
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On a sunny but chilly day we went to the Cathedral in Salisbury and Shirley Reeves told us about the Countesses of Salisbury. This was with reference to the grave of William Longspee and others. Also we looked at a modern window and another window nearby listing the countesses.

Then we went across to the Military Museum to see the regalia medals but above all the ceilings. They are decorated with painted papier mache. The building itself is one of the oldest in the Close. Canons were told to build their houses within 7 years of being given the land.

We finally ended in the Bernieres restaurant hard by and named after the landing zone of the Wiltshire regiment on D day in the second World War. An excellent meal was had at a reasonable price. They even had Black Sheep beer!

The excuse for this visit was following the talk by Margaret Mackenzie about the 3 Countesses.

The Start
The Beginning
The Fountain
South Aisle

William Longspee


William Longspee

Note wooden coffin

William Longspee

First person buried in the catedral.


William Longspee



The Building of the Cathedral.

Note Ginger the Cat

Ela de Viteri a Countess of Salisbury
Military Flags
Military Flags
Boy Bishop

The Magna Carta


Crucial text that Ela took advantage of.
Around the Cloisters
Along the Cloisters
The Chapter House.
Misty Cloisters
The Wardrobe - Military Museum
Sign from Railway Station in France.
The landing spot
How they used to be.
Princess Charlotte
First World War
One of the Ceilings
The back of the Wardrobe
A tree in the garden.
The sundial
Plan of the Wardrobe and the dates of various parts.


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