Historic Houses Group visit on 23rd June 2008.

16 of us went round Ted Heath's house and grounds in the Close in Salisbury. Here are some photos. No photos allowed inside.

We had an interesting tour of Sir Edward Heath's home in Salisbury Cathedral Close, conducted by two erudite guides, one of whom had been Sir Edward's bodyguard.

An entrance room housed memorabilia of Sir Edward's sailing career, models, paintings of his Morning Cloud yachts and seascapes illustrating various yacht races.

Other paintings by famous artists were displayed in the central corridor, including one executed by Sir Winston Churchill during one of his "Black Dog" periods.

A small reception room on the south side of the house, included a very impressive bust of Sir Edward mounted on the east wall.

Intriguing Chinese wallpaper, representing the parable of the Monkey King and hung in normal strips in the stairwell was hand painted in China. Under the stairs a collection of original cartoons depicted Sir Edward in parliamentary mode.

The evocative Japanese room had art and artefacts typical of the genre and French windows leading to the western terrace and overlooking the garden.

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