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Joint Health Care Research Group Activities

April 2006

The Group meets four times a year at Harnham Memorial Hall when health experts speak on subjects of particular topical interest. But much of the Group's activities are carried out by members between these main meetings.

The Group's next meeting will be at 2.0 p.m. on Friday, July 7, when Dries Hagen, director in charge of local Primary Care Trust capital projects, will talk about developments to improve local health care facilities. These include new accommodation for some local surgeries and the introduction of new health care facilities in the town centre.

The last meeting of the year will be at the same venue at 2.0 p.m. on Friday, October 20. The speaker will depend upon which topic is of most interest then.

The following are some of the Group's activities in recent months:

  • Research into the operation of the Salisbury Hospital Pharmacy and making recommendations for improvements – this has already resulted in changes and more are in the pipeline.
  • As an offshoot of this work a survey of outpatient waiting times will be carried out. This will be undertaken within the next few months.
  • A second survey of hospital wards was carried out at the request of the Infection Control Team.
  • Two members attend the monthly meetings of the hospital's Food and Nutrition Group.
  • Carried out a survey relating to the discharge arrangements for hospital patients.
  • Members attended a Focus Group on deep vein thrombosis and put forward a number of recommendations. The U3A members were the only patient representatives present. There may be further work to be undertaken relating to this project.
  • Members of the Group went on a two-hour conducted tour of the new hospital wing just prior to departments and wards moving in.
  • At the request of the South Wilts Primary Care Trust we supplied them with the names of patients willing to discuss their needs which could be met in the community to save visits to the hospital
  • The Chair of the Practice Improvement Project Team at South Wilts Primary Care Trust approached us for our comments and recommendations to improve the quality of nursing care. This is linked to a national “Essence of Care” campaign. We have formed a team to cooperate in this work.

All U3A members are very welcome to attend any or all of our four annual meetings.

You do not have to have a medical background to join the Group. All that is required is an interest in improving local health care.

For further information contact the Group Leader: Eric Gould (Sal. 339868)