This group was set up with the blessing of the Salisbury Museum.
Home meetings will be held here in the Lecture Room starting at 10.15 am on the second Tuesday of the month. Cost £2.50 each (* except where stated)
Contact Malcolm Burrows, tel 01722 416828, email


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Members presentations


Fovant badges and recent surveys

11/12/18 Christmas social with talk by the detectorist for Stratford Sub castle and demonstrations of the finds in the area to back up our recent dig.
8/1/19 Nick Griffiths on the Romans in Dorset
12/2/19 James Dilley from Ancientcaft on tools and artefacts from Palealithic to Bronze age
12/3/19 Janet Diamond on  Egypt and the Pyramids: the Steps to Giza - origins and inspiration for the world's first pyramid
9/4/19 Peter Stanier - Mining archaeology. Purbeks Industrial paradise
14/5/19 Tour and walk to Calshot castle by Colin van Geffen
11/6/19 TBA
9/7/19 TBA
August No meeting
10/9/19 Part two of our exploration of Grovelly woods with Roy Wilde
9/10/19 How to look at Things by Colin van geffen
10/12/19 Christmas social with a speaker or demonstration


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