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Archaeology Group in the U3A

Members of other Salisbury U3As may join too.
 Just ask if there are any vacancies from the Group Organiser
or ring Margaret McKenzie
01722 714 685

As of September 2008 Ann is retiring as Leader. So temporarily Margaret McKenzie has taken over.

If any of the group have suggestions for further subjects this would be gratefully received
        especially if the suggestion was accompanied by an offer to give the talk !!!!!
            None of us is an expert....just keen to share our interests.
This Group meets on the last Tuesday in the month.
The venue will be the Harnham Memorial Hall unless otherwise stated.
A Map of this venue is here
29th Jan 2008

Nick Griffiths

10.00 am
26th Feb 2008 Adrian Green on Lord Avebury [who invented the Bank Holiday] 10.00 am
25th Mar 2008 Metal Detecting by Brian Read 10.00 am
29th Apr 2008 Ship down the Nile - a video by Jim Wade shown by Paul Robinson 10.00 am
27th May 2008 Mark Corney 10.00 am
24th June 2008

Trip to Littlecote Roman Villa with Nick Griffiths Coach £17 each
See web site that tell you more HERE

A report with our photos HERE

29th July 2008

Adrian Green tells us about Salisbury museum for which he is the Curator.

26th Aug 2008 Visit to Downs Farm, Sixpenny Handley. Martin Green 10.30am
30th Sept 2008 Visit to Glastonbury and the Lake Villages of Somerset Photo Report 10.30am
28th Oct 2008 Sutton Hoo - power point prentation by Peter Read 10.30am
25th Nov 2008 Aileen Fox, eminent archaeologist in South England talk by Margaret McKenzie. About Aileen's life and work especially her comparison of British Iron Age Hill Forts with NZ Maori Pas. 10.30am

Link to EurekAlert for Archaeology News HERE

Link to Events at Salisbury Museum HERE.
Currently Aerial Photography & Archaeology

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