Archaeology Group in Spire U3A

Members of other Salisbury U3As may join too.
 Just ask if there are any vacancies from the Group Organiser
or ring Ann Boutell on 01722 328 469
This Group meets on the last Tuesday in the month.
The venue will be the Harnham Memorial Hall unless otherwise stated.
A Map of this venue is here

29 th June 2004 Bill Moffat will outline his plan for a dig at Sorviodunum [by Stratford-sub-Castle].
Old Sarum [Sorviodunum] was a large oppidum when the Romans arrived and was likely stormed by Vespasian and II Augusta.  The Romans occupied this site, and four major Roman roads pass in close proximity.  The Roman remains have been deeply buried under the Norman inner bailey and will not likely be excavated.  The views from the earthen ramparts are impressive.
27th July 2004
A visit to Rockbourne to see the Roman mosaic and other remains. A report and pictures of our visit are available HERE
For more information see
10th August 2004
A visit to Silchester to be guided by Roger Ayers.  Meet there.   CANCELLED
The Roman town of Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum) lies buried under pasture in the Hampshire countryside, a short distance from modern Basingstoke. Unlike many other Roman towns that continued to evolve after the Roman occupation of Britain, Silchester was completely abandoned and the site never subsequently developed. As a result, lying just beneath the surface of the ground, the complete layout of the town has survived intact. Only two other towns in England have survived to a similar degree, those at Caistor in Norfolk and Wroxeter in Shropshire.
28th September 2004
Roman Family Life a lecture by Nick Griffiths
A report on this meeting is was HERE
26th October 2004
The 7,000 year old history of Downton.
With a very knowledgeable speaker David Waymouth. A REPORT here

30th November 2004
The Archaeologist at Salisbury Museum will talk to us.  He is Martin Wright.

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